Butler football 2023 season preview

ID: Football player with a bulldog on his helmet practicing in the Sellick Bowl. Behind him is the entrance to the field with the Sellick Bowl sign. The title reads Football Season preview with a football icon beneath it.

Drew Pieschalski and Sterling Hohman give us a season preview of Butler’s football team. 


Drew: Welcome to the Sellick Bowl, and we’re here to preview your 2023 Butler Bulldogs football team. 

Head coach Mike Uremovich begins his second year with lots of momentum, leading the Bulldogs to seven wins in his debut season. With the returning conference player of the year Bret Bushka and lots of young talent on both sides of the ball, this team is ready to get over the hump and compete for a Pioneer League title. Here’s Coach Uremovich on what he’s looking forward to this season. 

Coach Uremovich: Focusing on one game at a time, which is what you have to do in football, because every game is a little bit different. So we’re excited to go out to Montana and play a nationally ranked team and a real good win. 

The guys that are seniors this year, they’ve really done the same thing and obviously they’ve been here a year already, so they know what we’re trying to do as coaches, we know what they can do as players and really good football teams are senior led. So we put a lot of that on them because we’re not out there playing, they are. So I’m excited for our senior class to play their last season at Butler. (UREMOVICH) 

Bret Bushka: I’m really looking forward to making some strides. We got a bunch of our returning linemen coming back, a lot of receivers coming back, and a running back coming back. Um, so I’m really excited to see how we’re going to take this offense in our year two. 

We want a league title. That’s where we’re going for this year. (BUSHKA) 

Will Mason: Every season is a new experience, and obviously we’ve got a new group of guys every single season. But, you know, like you said, having that young core is really helpful. So I just feel like there’s just this growing understanding between us. 

Jeremiah Jackson: Yeah, I think that this offseason we kind of all like banded together a little bit more. We all come from a lot of different places, so like building that chemistry, was something that was really important to me. 

We really got with each other this offseason, kind of forced each other like, Hey, let’s gain weight, get strength. So that’s a lot of the things that we do, so it’s really just about gaining strength, and getting in a football mind and being able to go out there and feel like, yeah, I can go to war with him. 

Drew: The Dawgs begin their season on the road against the No. 14 Montana Grizzlies on Sept. 2, then play their home opener on the 9th, facing the Taylor Trojans. For The Butler Collegian, I’m Drew Pieschalski. 



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