Emma Quasny elected as Collegian editor-in-chief

Quasny will be the seventh woman in a row to hold the position of editor-in-chief. Photo courtesy of Emma Quasny. 

ELLIE ALLEN | EDITOR-IN-CHIEF | emallen2@butler.edu 

Emma Quasny, a junior journalism and strategic communication double major, will be The Butler Collegian’s editor-in-chief for the 2022-23 academic year. Quasny has served in various positions on staff over the past three years — most recently as culture editor. 

Quasny said she was inspired to run for editor-in-chief because of her commitment and love for the Collegian.

“As editor-in-chief, I hope to not only continue leading the paper in the direction it’s going, but also bring some more positive changes both within the Collegian and within the community,” Quasny said. 

Quasny’s three main goals for the Collegian are to improve upon community, trust and engagement. For Quasny, community is the most essential.

“I think that [community] includes all of my pillars,” Quasny said. “Engagement can happen through building a stronger bond with the Butler community and within the Collegian community, and then, trust can also impact the community as well.”

Since being elected, Quasny has become the seventh woman in a row to hold the position of editor-in-chief of The Butler Collegian. For Quasny, it is an honor to continue the legacy of the six women leaders before her, especially because she has learned in her classes that women do not often hold senior positions in journalism.

“I’m really grateful that I was given this opportunity and applied for this opportunity to show my leadership skills and what I can bring to the table as a woman,” Quasny said. “I think it’s very important as women, we uplift each other.”

In addition to her involvement with the Collegian, Quasny is a Writers’ Studio tutor and an intern for the Hamilton County Reporter. Next fall, she will be an Our Children Fellow for the Indianapolis Star.

Quasny said she is excited to continue to grow her relationships with Collegian staff members next year. 

“Aside from just leading this great newspaper, I’m really excited for the relationships that will grow throughout this position with me and also the rest of the staff in general,” Quasny said.


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