Dawgs with Style: Lilly Boehmer

Lilly Boehmer shows off her eclectic style on top of the parking garage. She complements a borrowed skirt with edgy jewelry and bold eye makeup. Photos by Lauren Hough.

ABIGAIL OAKLEY | STAFF REPORTER | aloakley@butler.edu

When Lilly Boehmer, a senior pharmacy major, is not in her scrubs, she can be seen sporting a wide range of unique outfits on Butler’s campus. Boehmer’s style draws from the past, gathering inspiration from movies and TV shows from her childhood, as well as 80s styles. She encourages others to find inspiration and try new looks. 

The Butler Collegian: How would you describe your style?

Lilly Boehmer: I think eclectic would be a good word for it. I really don’t have one set [style]. I know that people identify with, like, minimalist or maximalist [or] some people go for an academia kind of look, but mine’s all over the place. I like to play around with all sorts of styles.

TBC: How do you think your style has changed over the years?

LB: Oh, it’s changed massively. In high school, I went to a private school, so we had to wear plaid skirts with collared shirts. Since graduating, it’s given me the opportunity to kind of find my own style. For so long, I didn’t have to do that. So, getting comfortable with what I like and trying to say, “Oh, maybe I’ll repeat that outfit,” or “I might not try that piece again.” That’s totally fine. I’ve just been really getting comfortable with my own self and what I want to embody … [I’ve been] giving myself permission to play with whatever I want to do [and] try different things. It’s nice to be open to that.

TBC: Do you have any staple clothing items?

LB: Yes, my biggest clothing item other than scrubs … would be my platform [Doc Martens]. They are the best shoes I’ve ever owned. They go with everything. I wear them in spring, summer, fall [and] winter. I think any black boots can be a great staple. That’s definitely my number one.

TBC: Where do you get your style inspiration? 

LB: As dorky as it sounds, I would say a lot of my style inspiration comes from my parents. I like going back and looking at old pictures of them and getting whatever vintage clothes they thrifted in the 80s … That’s a big one. And then any old TV show. I find those really inspiring.

TBC: What about clothing and style do you enjoy?

LB: I think it’s just such a fundamental way of expressing yourself in general and expressing yourself to other people. I can tell so much about a person based on what they’re wearing. And I think especially in a major like pharmacy, you don’t get a lot of play with what you’re doing. You’re expected to dress professionally most of the time so getting those little moments of, “this is my outfit for the day, and this is what side of my personality I’m showing.”

TBC: Why do you think finding your style is often important for people?

LB: I think it’s — I would say in my experience, it’s the first step of fully becoming yourself. So like I said, in high school I really didn’t have the room to play with that and become comfortable in my own skin. There’s just something about it. I think it’s everybody’s first step to finding who they are.

TBC: What advice do you have for people who are interested in clothing and style but don’t know where to start?

LB:  I would say find anything that you like … Even if you think, “I will never wear that outfit,” but you like it for some reason, just try it out.  Find bits and pieces of the outfit that you like. I love what people are doing with maximalism right now, but I don’t think I could ever pull off some of the looks. When I find pieces of their outfits that I like, I take that, put that for my own closet and incorporate that into an outfit. 


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