Panhel moves Bid Day to Saturday

Butler Greek life changes recruitment week schedule. Collegian file photo. 


As winter break quickly approaches, women have been signing up for formal recruitment which begins on Jan. 5. The final day of recruitment is Bid Day, Jan. 8, on which women may receive their Bid from one of the houses. Unlike last year, recruitment will be in person with the wearing of masks indoors. However, the slight change this year is that Bid Day has been switched to Saturday after originally always being on a Sunday. 

 Maggie Slaughter, senior risk management insurance major and vice president of recruitment for the Panhellenic Association, said that their bylaws state that Panhellenic sororities and the Interfraternity Council Chapters, IFC, cannot have events together. They have to be separate. 

“Bid day shouldn’t involve men,” Slaughter said. “Girls should be focused on sisterhood.” 

Kylie Pfeifer, senior health sciences major and vice president of conduct for the Panhellenic Association, said there were two main reasons for the change. One being to give the women a rest day before classes start on Monday and two, for both Panhel and IFC to have their own days to celebrate. 

“Bid day is an exciting day for everyone, however, sometimes it’s hard to keep activities separate,” Pfeifer said. “We want to try our best to follow the rules. The week of recruitment is stressful, so having a day to decompress, whether that’s hanging out with your new sisters or taking the day for yourself, is beneficial.” 

Slaughter said it wasn’t just her alone who made the decision, she had input from the house chairs and the seven members of Panhellenic Association.

Allison Welz, senior biology and religion double major and president of Panhel, said that the Ultimately, Panhel made the motion to have Bid Day moved to Saturday, although the chapters’ input was taken into consideration. 

“There was also university, student life and BUPD involvement,” Welz said. “They all had to be notified of this new decision. BUPD shuts down Hampton on Bid Day so the girls can run to their new house.” 

Pfeifer said the fraternities were disappointed at first after being told that our Bid Day would now be on Saturday, but after hearing the reasons, they understood why the change was made. 

If you are interested in participating in formal recruitment, go to Panhel’s Instagram to sign up.


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