Title IX coordinator position open, duties still being fulfilled

Former Title IX coordinator, Maria Kanger, becomes Associate Dean of Students while continuing previous responsibilities. Collegian file photo. 

ALLISON MCELROY | STAFF REPORTER | aamcelroy@butler.edu 

Recently, Butler’s former Title IX coordinator, Maria Kanger, moved to a new position as associate dean of students, leaving her previous position open. The job opening was advertised on Butler’s website on Oct. 22. 

Given the importance of the Title IX coordinator role in preventing discrimination and protecting equity, some students are concerned that the university has not yet found a replacement for Kanger. 

Jules Arthur-Grable, Butler’s sexual assault response and prevention specialist, whose position is overseen by the Title IX coordinator, explained that the access students have to this office still remains. While the position itself is vacant, Kanger is still in charge of the Title IX office in addition to her new job until someone else is hired to permanently fill the role. 

Camille Ringenberg, a senior music major, said she feels students seeking support will have a worse experience visiting a Title IX office whose coordinator is filling multiple positions. 

“I feel like being the Title IX coordinator is such a big job, such a big responsibility that they really should have someone who can put all of their energy into it,” Ringenberg said. 

In the job posting, the university stated that it is seeking an “experienced professional” who will “contribute to the University’s strategic priority of creating an intentionally diverse, inclusive and equitable learning and working environment.” Among their many responsibilities, the Title IX coordinator is the main point of contact for anybody looking to report sexual misconduct to the university. 

First-year psychology and criminology major, Frances Storgion, said she is glad to know that the responsibilities of the position are still being filled by Kanger until a replacement is found, even if Title IX is not her only focus. 

“On a college campus and in a work environment, [sexual assault and sexual harassment] … are two really important issues that need to constantly be addressed,” Storgion said. “So I just personally think that it’s really important for the campus to keep someone in that role and make sure that those cases or problems are being taken care of in the right way.” 

Arthur-Grable expects that the new Title IX coordinator will be hired sometime during the spring semester. According to the job posting, applications for the position will close on Dec. 31. 

When choosing a new professional to hire for the position, first-year international studies major Alan Vance said he thinks it is important that the university finds someone who has a lot of dedication and is always looking out for the safety of the students. 

Arthur-Grable explained that the Title IX office can assist students in a variety of situations. 

“If anyone feels that they are being discriminated against or don’t have equal access to their education, based on gender, then Title IX is there to help,” Arthur-Grable said. “And sexual misconduct, sexual violence, relationship abuse, stalking, fall under that title.” 

Students who wish to report an incident can email the Title IX coordinator directly, utilize the anonymous report on Butler’s sexual misconduct website or call or come into the office. Additionally, Arthur-Grable explained that if students want to talk to someone confidentially, the SARP office, Heath Services, Counseling and Consultation Services and any ordained clergy at the Center for Faith and Vocation are all available resources. 


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