317 Eats: Super Tacos

Delicious sope and grilled chicken taco accompanied by various salsas, limes, and a Mexican Coke. Photo by Kiran Brar.


Super Tacos is located in a strip mall on Michigan Road, only a 10-minute drive from campus. I decided to visit here with a group of friends for a birthday dinner, and we were all happy with landing on this Mexican restaurant to try out. It might not be the typical restaurant for a birthday dinner, but we were all in agreement that Super Tacos was the move for the night. 

Before we got inside the restaurant, we noticed a sign on the door that requires everyone to wear masks inside the restaurant, which was reassuring to see. As we walked in to order at the register, we noticed that the small restaurant was fairly busy — which is always a good sign to me. There were many groups conversing and eating, which made me excited to try this place out. We all ordered a variety of foods: chips and guacamole, tacos, burritos, quesadillas and sopes. 

Personally, I ordered a grilled chicken taco, a sope and a Mexican Coke. Grilled chicken tacos have always been my go-to at Mexican restaurants, so I would be remiss to not order it here. My mom’s sopes have always been one of my favorite home cooked meals as I was growing up, so I mainly ordered one to get a taste of my childhood again. Sopes are a traditional Mexican dish with a fried masa base, which is basically like a thick, corn tortilla with a border around the edges to keep all the ingredients from falling out. Super Tacos include beans, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and sour cream on their sopes — just like my mom’s. As for the Mexican Coke, it would be a crime to not get one at a Mexican restaurant.

After ordering at the register, we found a booth to squeeze into because we were trying not to take up too much space and we all wanted to sit together. Seeing eight girls trying to sit comfortably in a booth made for six was probably noticeable because an employee almost immediately helped us pull up a couple chairs to make our seating arrangement less snug. I was not opposed to the tight squeeze, but I appreciated how accommodating the place was.

All of our food was out in no time, which was surprising considering how busy the restaurant was. Along with our food, the server brought out a platter of 4 different salsas, limes and radishes to top off on our dishes. Each sauce had a different level of spice, so a lot of us agreed that the salsa platter was a great touch for our large group. I immediately went for the spiciest salsa and a lime to add on my taco and sope, which was a great decision on my part. The food was just like your classic Mexican venture at Luciana’s, La Piedad or your local Mexican restaurant in your hometown. The tacos were doubled tortilla-d up and topped with fresh cut onion and cilantro, and the sope had all the ingredients I was expecting.

It was the atmosphere, however, that made Super Tacos unique from your typical Mexican restaurant. It was the tile flooring, small yet homey space and the Mexican candies available for purchase at the register that really tied the restaurant together. There were no colorful decorations on the walls, and the dining tables and chairs were as simple as could be. These distinguishing features are truly what sold the authenticity of Super Tacos for me. 

Our food was eaten almost immediately, and we all agreed that this restaurant was a great choice. I was partially upset at myself for getting full so quickly because I wanted more. It had been a while since I had Mexican food, so Super Tacos did a great job at fulfilling my wishes for a good Mexican meal. As we left the restaurant, we kept raving about how great our visit was.

Karoline Shannon, a junior communication sciences and disorders major, felt that the experience at Super Tacos was one to remember.

“This place was definitely a hole in the wall,” Shannon said.


Ambience: 10/10

COVID-19 precautions: 8/10

Taste: 10/10

Experience: 10/10



7853 Michigan Rd

Indianapolis, IN 46268

United States


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