Butler School Survival Guide

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At first glance, Butler can seem like an intimidating place. While adjusting to college life can be hard, here are some tips that could help. 

Tip 1: Parking

One of the biggest hurdles of having a car on campus is, obviously, finding somewhere to park it. This requires you to have a parking pass and to register your car. Forewarning: treat parking pass and car registration as if you’re signing up for classes. Imagine the Hunger Games countdown — a free-for-all fight to the death. 

Senior political science major Farrah Goodall also has some advice on parking passes.

“It is important to be on top of parking pass registration.” Goodall said. “They go quickly and you want to have a good parking spot on campus.”

Tip 2: Class registration

Registering for classes can also seem daunting at first, so try to remember that it is crucial to utilize your advisor in picking classes. It is also helpful to set a reminder of your enrollment appointment, which can be found on my.butler.edu. Just think of my.butler.edu as your portal for almost everything. It allows you to see what requirements you still have, your financial aid information, etc. Take time to go through it.

Tip 3: Dorm life

Have you heard about those fire alarms constantly going off? Set aside things such as a warm jacket, slippers, sweats and maybe even an umbrella for those rainy days. I know from experience that you don’t want to be unprepared, especially during the winter. 

Don’t be afraid to utilize the Fairview, Resco and Irvington front desk. They are there to help if you get locked out of your room, general questions regarding the dorms, packages and mail.

The dorms also usually have resources like movies, games, cooking and cleaning supplies. But if you check something out, please remember to return it. And always remember your key. You only get a certain number of free lockouts before you have to pay a ginormous fee. 

Tip 4: $$

Download the Butler app to see your flex dollars and Dawg Bucks as well as your remaining number of meal swipes. You don’t want to lose track of that information. It also contains other cool information like upcoming Butler events.

Tip 5: Starbucks

The Starbucks line during passing periods can be atrocious for those in a time crunch. Try going during class times, it is usually less packed.

Tip 6: Handshake

Butler Handshake is super useful in trying to find on-campus employment as well as internships, upcoming job fairs, and lectures.

Tip 7: Timing

That walk from your dorm or on campus apartment to your class is longer than you think it is. Don’t miscalculate. Leave early or try to time yourself to get a better idea of when to leave. This also gives you enough time to walk up those Jordan stairs. Who knew those two flights of stairs would leave me breathing like I just did a 200m sprint? 

Helpful tidbit

Jordan Hall has two basements on opposite ends. You don’t want to be my friend who was running late to class because she got lost trying to find room JH 076.

  1. The first basement contains mostly offices and a couple of classrooms. It is located by the exit near the middle staircase. 
  2. The second basement lies towards the entrance closest to Fairbanks in Jordan. There is a study space in the middle with many classrooms around it.

Hidden spaces on Butler’s campus 

Butler has a few spaces that many don’t know about, here are just a few to get you started. 

  1. The room in the basement of Resco — past the laundry room and across from the game room — has a nice TV area that can be used as a study area. It also serves as a space for students to relax. 
  2. On the third floor of Jordan Hall towards the 340 classrooms, there is an area on the left-hand side that opens to a study space and a couple of vending machines. 
  3. In nice weather, the roof of Dugan Hall — aka the Lacy School of Business building — is also a nice place. The basement study rooms are also excellent for isolated or group study time.

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