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Ethan Gutsche’s colorful desk setup and posters remind him of home. Photo by Natalie Goo


It is officially the start of the 2023-24 school year for the Butler Bulldogs, and that means it is time to decorate living spaces. Particularly for first years, this may be their first time away from home, so personal and unique dorm decor can make each student feel more comfortable. For some, posters and knickknacks to hang on the wall create a familiar space. For others, maybe it is a stuffed animal, a blanket or a special photo that helps Butler feel like home. Whatever it may be, students have been finding so many ways to make their dorm room feel like home. 

Taylor Dietrich

Taylor Dietich’s colorful comforter and wall knickknacks brighten her space. Photo by Abby Ayre.                                                                                                                 

As Taylor Dietrich, a sophomore creative media and entertainment major, began decorating her dorm room for the new school year, she wanted to make the space as unique as possible. 

Dietrich said that all of the knickknacks on her wall make her space feel most unique and at home.

“Each one holds a specific memory for me,” Dietrich said. “It’s nice to glance up at my walls and be reminded of all the great things in my life.” 

Dietrich’s room is the epitome of creativity, color and fun, with plants along her windows and a colorful bedspread. Dietrich created a space of happiness and comfort. 

Dietrich’s Conan Gray posters provide a sense of nostalgia in her home away from home. Photo by Abby Ayre.

When asked about what part of her room makes her feel most at home, Dietrich said that a special musical artist’s poster is always right across from her bed here at Butler and at home. 

“My Conan Gray poster really makes me feel at home,” Dietrich said. “Ever since I got it in 2019, I have put it directly across from my bed.” 

That way, when Dietrich looks up, she feels like she is in her bed at home. 

Dietrich’s dorm walls are a maximalist masterpiece. Photo by Abby Ayre.

Dietrich’s advice to students struggling to make their dorm room feel like home would be to make a space that makes each student truly happy. 

“Surround yourself with things that bring you joy,” Dietrich said. “That way, when you are in your dorm, it truly feels like a space that makes you happy.” 

Ethan Gutsche 

When asked what he finds the most unique about his dorm room, sophomore sports media major Ethan Gutshe immediately went to the posters that are hung up on his walls. Gutsche said that he hangs his posters because they represent the hobbies and interests he has. 

From music to movies to television shows, Gutsche has a wide range of interests that make his dorm room feel unique to who he is. 

While his room may appear “basic,” Gutsche’s room creates a peaceful and vibrant atmosphere. This helps him remain grounded and feeling at home when he needs moments of comfort and peace of mind. 

Gutsche showcases his favorite musicians, television shows and movies on his wall. Photo by Natalie Goo.

Gutsche loves his posters, as they display so much of his personality. They are the part of his room that makes him feel the most at home, since his room at his house has several posters on its walls. He tried to replicate that in his room here at Butler. 

Ethan offered up some advice to anyone who is struggling to make their space feel like home. Gutcsche said that coming “home” to a well-decorated area helps the space feel more personal and inviting.

“Definitely decorate your living space,” Gutsche said. “It really helps me feel like I’m at home because I come in and I see a lot of things I enjoy.” 

Ryan Byrnes 

Byrnes’ desk is comfortably cluttered with practical and personal touches. Photo by Natalie Goo.

As a first year, Ryan Byrnes, a sports media major, sought to have a practical, yet comfortable and unique space. He finds his desk setup the most unique part of his room, which allows him a lot of space to complete school work and watch any of his favorite shows. 

While trying to maintain the practicality of his room, Byrnes also described his space as personal and chill, helping him feel right at home. 

One of Byrnes’ favorite comfort items, his snake plushie, sits on his dorm room bed. Photo by Natalie Goo.

As this is Byrnes’ first full year away from home, he found it important to bring a snake plushie from him named “Snakester Viginnis.” He sits on Byrnes’ bed, creating the feel of walking into his room at home. 

While only a first-year student, Byrnes said that if someone is struggling to make their dorm room feel like home, make the space as comfortable as possible. 

“As long as they feel comfortable in their space, it is easier to adjust to a new environment,” Byrnes said. 

Byrnes’ dorm room has been a great place for him to relax and find peace in the unknown. 

For many students, being away from home can be a difficult obstacle to overcome. So, as new and old Bulldogs get comfortable for the new school year, making one’s living space feel like home has been a key for many students to feel comfortable. While the Bulldogs may be away from home, Butler will always welcome each student with open arms. 


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