Four ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with friends

Here are four ways to make Valentine’s Day fun! Photo courtesy of


It’s that time again. Time to be bombarded with endless jewelry commercials of loved up couples and platoons of red heart-shaped boxes in the aisles of every store. Valentine’s Day can be one of the most dreaded holidays of the year when you are single; however, this day does not just mean celebrating your intimate relationships, it can also mean celebrating with the most important people in your life. With the holiday right around the corner, here are four ways you can celebrate Valentine’s Day with your friends, family or by yourself.

Nacho table

By now you have seen the TikToks. The ones where you put tinfoil on a table with a bunch of chips, cheese and whatever else your love-deprived heart desires to create some mouthwatering nachos. This option is fun and creative if you want to stay home this Valentine’s Day. 

Brittany Potts, a senior secondary education and history double major, and her roommates are planning on doing this yummy activity to celebrate the holiday. 

“I don’t necessarily do the super romantic Valentine’s Day, but I think it can be fun to celebrate with people that you don’t have a romantic connection with,” Potts said.

Movie or game night

After your nacho dinner, continue with a second course of popcorn — the perfect snack any movie or game night with friends. This option is great if you are looking for a reason to stay in, aside from the global pandemic, and it costs $0 to relax in the comfort of your own home. 

Sophomore English major Maddi Eary says that she and her roommates have been watching the show “Bridgerton” on Netflix and they are planning on watching a couple of episodes of that. 

Eary echoes Potts’ idea that Valentine’s Day is not solely reserved for happy couples —  it can also be a way to show thanks towards the people you love.

I don’t generally love Valentine’s Day in general but I do kinda use it as a moment to practice gratitude for the people that I have in my life and just kinda show them that I am grateful that they are there,” Eary said.

Self-Care session

Taking time for yourself is important any time of the year, but can sometimes be hard to fit into a busy schedule, especially during a semester with no mental breaks. That being said, take this Valentine’s Day to dedicate some time for yourself or your friends. 

Self-care looks different for everyone. That could mean doing facemasks, reading your favorite book or playing Mario Kart with your friends; nevertheless, whatever it may be, make sure it is relaxing and enjoyable and use it as a time to unwind before the next school week.

Dinner date

Although this option can be more expensive, what is better than indulging in your favorite comfort food? Grab a group of friends or head solo to Mass Ave. or Broad Ripple for a colorful platter of options that will suit anyone.

Here are three local restaurants with takeout options and deals for this Valentine’s:

Mama Corolla’s 

A classic Italian restaurant, Mama Corolla’s will be offering a pre-fixed menu this Valentine’s Day. Guests will receive an appetizer, choice of soup or salad, and an entree for just $50. 

Send a Friend Lasagna + Circle City Sweets 

This Valentine’s Day, Send a Friend Lasagna is partnering up with Circle City Sweets to offer a 3×13 lasagna, heart-shaped macaroon for two, and a Valentine’s Day card all delivered to the comfort of your home. 

King Dough

King Dough Pizza is offering a $69 “Netflix & Chill” Valentine’s Day special perfect for pairing with your favorite movie. The deal includes a margarita pizza, large salad, cake for two, and a bottle of Slo Down Wine’s Sexual Chocolate Wine.

Don’t feel like spending money on an entire dinner? There are many bakeries, coffee and ice cream shops scattered throughout downtown Indy and close to Butler’s campus so screw dinner and treat yourself to a dessert instead. Your significant other-less self deserves it. 

Elizabeth Chapa, a sophomore dance performance major, said Valentine’s Day should be spent in a way that makes you happy. 

“If you are more of a solitude person then honestly take it as a me day but like if you do enjoy hanging out with people like yeah it’s important [to spend time with the people you love],” Chapa said.

Overall,  if you go in with the right mindset and utilize these not-so-romantic ideas, this Valentine’s Day does not have to suck. Whether you enjoy celebrating it with friends or by yourself, there are an array of ways that you can do so without feeling left out because you are single. 


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