Eighteen spooky movies that don’t suck

Watch “One Hour Photo” to get you in the mood for Halloween. Photo courtesy of Ten Years Ago.


Come October, we’re all subjected to the same 20 spooky movies in the leadup to Halloween. Don’t get me wrong, I love “Friday the 13th” and “Halloween.” However, there is a point of saturation that one reaches with classic horror that detracts from the Halloween experience. So, I’ve put together a list of 18 spooky movies — one for every day left in October — that aren’t lame. These are best enjoyed in a dark room with popcorn and hot cocoa in a jump scare-proof mug.

“Ginger Snaps”Photo courtesy of Timeout.

“Ginger Snaps” is a clever reinvention of the classic werewolf movie. Two sisters battle with lycanthropy while dealing with all the horrors of high school.

Watch this if: you thought your first period was bad, or if you sometimes thought about murdering the mean girl in high school.

Watch it for cheap on: Crackle, Vudu or YouTube

“The Cabin in the Woods”

Photo courtesy of Screenrant.

What starts out seeming like an “Evil Dead” remake quickly turns into something very different. “The Cabin in the Woods” has its own brand of comedy that is skillfully intertwined with moments of horror. This film exploits every horror trope in the book while still achieving the status of instant cult classic. 

Watch this if: the phrase “zombie redneck torture family” intrigues you, you sometimes wonder if we should just start over as a society, or if you too love Sigourney Weaver.

Watch it for cheap on: Prime Video or Hulu

“Tragedy Girls”

Photo courtesy of The Last Thing I See. 

“Tragedy Girls” is the ultimate girl power anti-hero movie and is gory in all the best ways. Two highschoolers kidnap a serial killer to get the scoop on an article for their school newspaper. They soon figure out that it’s a lot more fun to kill people themselves.

Watch this if: you are currently suffering from Josh Hutcherson withdrawal, or if you appreciate creative murders.

Watch it for cheap on: Hulu or Kanopy


Photo courtesy of Indie Wire. 

A vegetarian has meat for the first time and begins to crave it in strange ways. This movie is in French but I promise it’s worth it.

Watch this if: gore doesn’t phase you, or if you’ve always wondered what hazing is like at a French vet school.

Watch it for cheap on: Amazon

“American Mary”

Photo courtesy of Little Red Umbrella. 

“American Mary” is arguably my favorite revenge movie. Mary is a poor med student who decides to make a little extra money on the side performing body modifications. She quickly descends into the criminal underworld after experiencing a trauma.

Watch this if: you’ve ever wondered what a real life Betty Boop would look like, or if you’ve ever wanted to take justice into your own hands.

Watch it for cheap on: Tubi

“What We Do in the Shadows”

Photo courtesy of Collider. 

This movie is the ultimate mockumentary. It centers around four vampires who are living together and experiencing roommate troubles on an extreme level.

Watch this if: you have an affinity for Victorian clothing, you wish Twilight was real or if you thought “Jojo Rabbit” was a masterpiece.

Watch it for cheap on: Kanopy

“Rosemary’s Baby”

Photo courtesy of Vanity Fair. 

“Rosemary’s Baby” is a truly underrated classic. Please read this next sentence in a Stefon voice. This movie has everything: demon sex cults, witchcraft, gaslighting and literally Satan!

Watch this if: Mia Farrow is your fashion icon, or if you’ve ever wanted to challenge your mental strength by joining a cult.

Watch it for cheap on: Amazon


Photo courtesy of The Guardian. 

“Creep” is interesting because there are only two characters in the movie, and most of the time one of them is behind the camera. This creates an innate eeriness and only serves to set the viewer up for true terror.

Watch this if: you’ve ever doubted Mark Duplass’ acting range, or if you want to see a wolf named Peach Fuzz.

Watch it for cheap on: Netflix


Photo courtesy of Ginger Nuts of Horror. 

To put it gently, “Saw” is a ripoff of “Cube.” This movie is generally more visually appealing, but with all the inventive traps you know and love.

Watch this if: you’ve ever wondered what a cubed human looks like, you want to be even more confused by prime numbers or if you think aliens are responsible for literally everything.

Watch it for cheap on: Tubi


Photo courtesy of Maxim.

“Terrifier” is a cool take on the classic slasher. This movie features Art the clown and his Halloween killing spree. Adding to the movie’s already uneasy feeling, Art is completely silent the entire time.

Watch this if: mimes freak you out, or if you want to see a woman sawed in half — vertically.

Watch it for cheap on: YouTube

“Lake Mungo”

Photo courtesy of Medium.

“Lake Mungo” reads like a documentary, but has so much more hidden in it. The film follows a family’s grieving process after the death of their daughter and the supernatural events that ensue.

Watch this if: you love Australian accents, or if you can’t stop watching true crime documentaries on Netflix.

Watch it for cheap on: Prime Video

“The Strangers”

Photo courtesy of Decider. 

This movie takes place over a single night as a couple is terrorized in their own home. “The Strangers” is simultaneously scary while being free of gratuitous jump scares, a rare gem in the realm of horror.

Watch this if: you have a fascination with the Manson murders, you want to be scared of being home alone or if you’d like to be annoyed with flip phones.

Watch it for cheap on: Amazon

“Jennifer’s Body”

Photo courtesy of Them. 

This movie stars Megan Fox as a succubus cheerleader and Adam Brody as a satanic lead singer of an Indie band. Need I say more?

Watch this if: you love pre- “Jurassic Park” Chris Pratt, or if you want to watch a movie directed by someone named Diablo Cody.

Watch it for cheap on: Amazon

“Funny Games” 

Photo courtesy of Headstuff. 

A family is taken hostage by two sadistic men at their lake house and tortured. This movie explores the senselessness of violence for the sake of violence and still manages to not be overdone in any way.

Watch this if: you love movies that break the fourth wall, or if you enjoy literally anything Tim Roth touches.

Watch it for cheap on: Amazon

“One Hour Photo”

Photo courtesy of Ten Years Ago. 

A photo technician at a big box store develops an unhealthy obsession with his regulars. This movie appears very straightforward, but the twisted ending coupled with the iconic cast creates a true masterpiece.

Watch this if: you want to ruin your idyllic image of Robin Williams, or if you love Dean Pelton’s antics in “Community.”

Watch it for cheap on: Amazon

“Freddy vs. Jason”

Photo courtesy of ILoveHalloween.net.

Do not go into this movie expecting it to be good. “Freddy vs. Jason” is the “Love Island” of horror — stupid in all the best ways.

Watch this if: you want to see both Freddy and Jason at Camp Crystal Lake, or you want to see all the iconic parts of both franchises jammed into one movie

Watch it for cheap on: Amazon


Photo courtesy of Tulsa World.

An atheist receives a rosary in the mail and develops stigmata, or the bodily wounds that Christ received when he was crucified. This intrigues the powers that be in the Vatican and supernatural events ensue.

Watch this if: you’re not religious but are still kinda scared to mess with religious symbols, or if you love Dan Brown books.

Watch it for cheap on: Amazon

“House of 1000 Corpses”

Photo courtesy of Film Inquiry. 

This movie follows in the footsteps of horror giant Tobe Hooper’s work. A group of writers are tortured in The Museum of Monsters and Madmen after looking for info on a man named Dr. Satan. This absurd premise meshes well with the black comedy nature of this movie.

Watch this if: you want to see Dwight Schrute as the Fiji Mermaid, or if you think the lead singer of a heavy metal band would direct a great horror movie.

Watch it for cheap on: Netflix


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