Five things for Indy residents to do over spring break

Staycation activities students can enjoy. Photo courtesy of Indy’s Child Magazine.


It is no secret that college can be strenuous for students, and spring break, let alone any break that we get from school, is a time that should be enjoyed regardless of where one’s plans take them. Here are five activities Indy residents can do to beat the fear of missing out over spring break. 

Day trip to Chicago. 

The Windy City is one of the best places to take road trips to. There are endless things to do in Chicago like exploring downtown, going to different museums or Navy Pier and just tasting some of the famous deep-dish pizza. So, grab some friends, hop in the car for three hours and go explore the Windy City. 

Catch up on sleep.

Sleep: everyone needs it. As college students, it is common to spend countless hours up late studying or finishing that project that was procrastinated until the last minute. Everyone has been there, so use this time to recharge your body and give it the sleep that it so desires. 

Explore downtown Indy.

Massachusetts Avenue and Broad Ripple are some of the hot spots around town where there are plenty of things for college students to do. Not to worry, Indy has a bevy of activities for those under 21 to enjoy, too.


I know this isn’t the most relaxing thing to do on spring break but, if you have a job, go make that money, sis! I know that working over eight hours may not sound fun, but I promise the money earned will make up for that. With that money, you then can treat yourself to those new pair of shoes you’ve been wanting or that new phone you’ve been eyeing. 

Selfcare day.

It can be very easy to forget to take care of your body, both mentally and physically, so enjoy this time off and relax. Binge watch that new TV show everyone’s been talking about, go get a massage, sleep your heart out, start a new book; there are endless things that you can do that will help you destress and give your body a little Tender Loving Care.


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