Dawgs with Style: Molly Freeman

Pictured inside Broad Ripple Vintage. Photos courtesy of Xan Korman. 


Molly Freeman, a first-year sociology and French double major, has the kind of thrifted style that would make even Macklemore jealous. From films set in the 1970s to social media influencers, Freeman finds outfit inspiration from the world around her and brings it to life on Butler’s campus. 

Video by Alexis Wallman.

The Butler Collegian: How would you describe your style?

Molly Freeman: I always struggle with that question because I just feel like it changes so much. So I guess like, ever-evolving. Although that’s pretentious.

TBC: What kinds of things influence your style?

MF: I like to pull style inspiration from movies or TV shows that I’m watching. I really like Devon Lee Carlson, she’s sick, she’s a big style inspo for me. 

TBC: Are there any movies or TV shows where you find yourself constantly taking inspiration from a certain character or look?

MF: Have you seen the movie ‘Boogie Nights?’ That’s an intense movie to pull style inspo from, but I love the outfits. Like the ‘80s? Adore the ‘80s. And I guess it’s a lot of ‘70s too. 

TBC: If you look back at the past 10 years, what are some of the biggest changes you’ve seen with your style or how you think about style?

MF: I think back in the day, around middle school, I never really thrifted, it was always kind of like PacSun, American Eagle, Forever 21, which is completely valid and good. But it’s changed a lot because now 90% of my closet is all thrifted and secondhand stuff, or online. I just never go to malls anymore; it’s not my vibe anymore. So that’s the biggest change, I pretty much thrift everything I buy now instead of going in stores. 

TBC: Were there any reasons aside from cost that caused you to begin thrifting more? 

MF: I’m becoming more educated on the environmental impact of fast fashion –– and even the human rights issues pertaining to fast fashion –– definitely things I wasn’t aware of even just a few years ago. So that definitely is a big player in why I thrift. But also, I enjoy thrifting because I find such unique pieces there that I wouldn’t find in stores. It’s like a fun game; searching through you get like an “oh my God” when you find a really cool piece. It’s just a joy that I don’t get when I’m at a mall.

TBC: Where are some of your favorite places to go thrifting?

MF: I love Fountain Square. I live 40 minutes from campus and I had never explored Fountain Square before, so since coming to Butler I’ve gotten to explore. There’s like five different thrift stores there that are killer and so cool. And the Goodwill there? Amazing. I love the Noblesville Goodwill, I always find stuff there, but the Fountain Square Goodwill hits different. 

TBC: What pieces are you especially on the hunt for when you go thrifting?

MF: I’m a big dress person, so I always look for dresses that I can alter and make fit me –– I like to sew. Cool pants too is always a fun one because you can find really cool different pant styles at thrift stores. 

TBC: What’s one of your favorite pieces in your closet?

MF: I have this green jumpsuit, and it’s got long pants and short sleeves, and I found it at a Goodwill in Westfield. It’s mint green, which I don’t usually wear, but I really love how it’s styled. It had these huge shoulder pads that I took out, but it’s so cool. I think part of the reason it’s my favorite is because I did so much work with it; I took the shoulder pads, and I hemmed it, and I brought the waist up and everything. My grandma and I worked on it together, it was like a bonding project.

TBC: What three things do you think everyone should have in their wardrobe?

MF: I am a big fan of statement shoes. Even if you’re ending up wearing a more drab outfit, throw on some bright boots, there you go. Turtlenecks; I have like cheetah print turtlenecks, zebra turtlenecks where you can wear any shirt you want and throw that under and it’s like pow, there you go. Little accent pieces are some of my favorites. Little jewelry too. Little dainty necklaces, or rings can make any outfit pop.  

TBC: You’re waking up in the morning. What goes through your mind as you’re getting dressed for the day?

MF: The night before, in my notes, I’ll write what outfit I want and then I never wear that. I go into my closet and pick out the pieces and then I’m like, “well maybe this top would look cuter” or “what if I switch out these pants for those,” so I think that’s fun for me. The vision doesn’t go as planned, but it ends up different and better. 

TBC: Are there any social media accounts you follow specifically for style inspiration?

MF: I follow a lot of Depop accounts or thrift stores, because it’s fun to see what pieces they post. A lot of times they’ll post outfits that they have laid out. Chief Indigo, highly recommend. Zodiac Vintage, they’re really cool. It’s definitely on the more pricey side of thrifting, but it’s still vintage clothes that are really unique. 

TBC: Do you have any advice for students who may be struggling with their style, or the confidence to wear what they want?

MF: When I was younger I would worry so much about what other people would think of my outfits, so sometimes I would dress according to what I thought other people would like. Luckily I grew out of that phase and into one where I just wore whatever I wanted. People aren’t paying as much attention to you as you think they are. So just wear what makes you happy, because it doesn’t matter in the end. You can follow Molly on Instagram: @mollyy_freeman


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