A sneak preview of Butler University’s ‘familiar but different’ Plum Market

Plum Market will open at 7 a.m. on Nov. 18. Photo by Joshua Doering.


Plum Market will officially open to the Butler community on Nov. 18 at 7 a.m. Formerly known as C-Club, the bottom floor of Atherton Union has undergone a gut renovation

Mandy Rentschler, Bon Appetit’s marketing manager, called Plum Market “familiar but different.” 

“I think students will just like the difference — it’s not like anything else we have on campus,” Rentschler said. 

Brandon Canfield, Bon Appetit campus executive chef, said the new Plum Market and Bon Appetit partnership strives to bring a chef-driven, all-natural, local market to the Butler student base.

“I think it [Plum Market] bolsters what Bon Appetit is all about,” Canfield said. “I think it marries well what we’re doing already.” 

Similar to C-Club, Plum Market features aisles of snacks and sweets, which emulates a grocery store. Everything sold at Plum Market has no preservatives or additives. 

New highlights include a build-your-own salad bar, a fruit smoothie program and a made-to-order meal menu. That menu features grilled cheese and a Nashville chicken tender sandwich. Customers will order their made-to-order food at the cash register, receive a pager and collect their order once it’s ready. 

In addition to the made-to-order meals, Plum Market has an extensive grab-and-go meal selection. This includes pre-made baguette sandwiches, salads and pad thai. Additionally, there will be a sushi program in the future. 

Butler community members will also be able to get coffee at Plum Market, provided by local partner Hubbard & Cravens. The space features a coffee machine that makes pour-over coffee in four and a half minutes. 

Brian Witkowski, Plum Market executive chef, said students may not notice all of the vegan and vegetarian options upon first visit. Examples include kelp noodle salad, cauliflower pizza and Impossible burgers. 

Rentschler said Plum Market will offer more than just healthy options. 

“It’s not 100% healthy down here,” Rentschler said. “We have doughnuts, you know.” 

General American Donut will provide freshly made doughnuts six days a week, excluding Mondays. 

Witkowski said the Plum Market menu is geared toward college students. 

“You’ve got chicken tenders, fries and burgers — stuff that’s comforting, that brings you home,” Witkowski said. 

Plum Market will be open 7 a.m. – midnight on weekdays and 11 a.m. – midnight on weekends.

Photos by Meghan Stratton and Joshua Doering


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