Last-minute Halloween costume ideas

Trip is sure to approve of these Butler-themed costumes. Photo courtesy of @butlerblue3 on Instagram.


Halloween is on the horizon, witches, warlocks and gender non-conforming ghouls! If you’re like me and have no clue what costume you will grace Butler’s presence with on Halloween, check out these anything-but-basic, last-minute costume ideas. 

Parking Ticket 

Is there anything more spine-chilling, blood-curdling and heart-racing than the obnoxious bright green presence of the Butler University parking ticket? Well, probably. But at least this costume will earn some laughs amongst your friend group. You can achieve this look by finding your most annoyingly-green shirt and writing “PARKING TICKET” on it in sharpie. You can even carry around past parking tickets to add to your spooky attire. Bonus points go to those who lie motionless on their friends’ windshields.


Butler Blue III

If you want a heartwarming, fan-favorite costume that’ll please everyone from student athletes to pharmacy majors, go as Butler’s favorite good-boy, Trip. This costume only requires some dog ears, a navy blue shirt and a white “B” to emulate Trip’s quintessential sweater.  The “B” can be painted on, or cut out and taped to your shirt. Just do yourself a favor and don’t go around biting any first-years or vomiting in Madison Square Garden. 


Irwin Goose

If you are a territorial inhabitant of Irwin library who isn’t afraid to charge at people who get too close, this costume is for you. All you need is a goose mask, a white shirt and some displaced aggression. If latex bird masks aren’t your thing, you can get crafty and make your own mask with this template


Phishing Email

Channel your inner cyber-prankster with this mischievous costume by embodying the phishing emails that have infiltrated Butler’s pristine servers. All you need for this costume is an all-black outfit, some copies of past phishing emails — which can be taped or stapled onto your ensemble — and some gullible friends. With this humorous costume, you’ll put the trick in trick-or-treat around Butler’s campus, and maybe get some job applications for a personal assistant too.


Ross Hall Exit Sign

Pay homage to your first-year self by going as the most coveted item in Resco, Ross and Irvington Hall: the Exit Sign. Not only will you bring back nostalgically-hazy memories of everyone’s first year at Butler, but your costume will also make everyone want to take you home. With this costume, you can either dust off the prehistoric exit signs you stole during your first year or simply write “EXIT” in red sharpie on a white t-shirt. Style points go to those who adhere themselves to the top of the entrance to the costume party.



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