An ode to Blue Indy

Graphic by Corrina Riess.




Oh, Blue Indy

You take me all over town

From 38th Street to Mass Avenue

With a constant fear that you will shut down 


Though you can’t speed over 50

And your pickup can only be described as shifty,

You are always there, right outside my window — 

Your somewhat reliable lights shining bright indigo


Oh, Blue Indy

You are a counterfeit smart-car

That I am embarrassed to be seen in

To locals and visitors alike, you really just look bizarre


With each ride, 

I feel like I won’t survive, 

so be sure to tell my next of kin

At all costs, when you see a Blue Indy,

Just avoid getting in


Blue Indy, you all just look like bumper cars

Undoubtedly the most shameful way to get to the bars

And, with no aux cord or leg room

And an exterior made of plastic, each ride can summon doom


Oh, Blue Indy

You are a little ratchet

But let’s bury the hatchet

Since Uber and Lyft cost too much money

I’m okay with driving a car that looks kind of funny


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