Dawgs With Style: Kenny Chromik

Kenny Chromik stands out with his edgy street style. Photo courtesy of Mason Lovett.

AIDEN SMITH | STAFF REPORTER | absmith2@butler.edu

Kenny Chromik, a senior physics and mathematics double major, knows how to stand out with his edgy street style. Chromik explains how his creativity and outside influences, such as his passion for powerlifting, have helped him take risks with his fashion. 

The Butler Collegian: How would you describe your style?

Kenny Chromik: It is hard to put an actual label on my style because it could go street, hype, designer or casual. I just would say a mixture of hype and casual. 

TBC: What inspires your style?

Kenny: I try to take influences from musicians and Instagram influencers. I like to take little pieces from what they post and try to put together something that brings forth my own creativity and my own flare. The rappers Travis Scott and Playboi Carti inspire my style for the hype side, and for the grungy and casual look I will go with a Drake or the band Queens of the Stoneage as an influence. 

TBC: Can you explain how your passion of powerlifting has played a role in your style?

Kenny: Powerlifting has helped me become more confident in myself and body. This has caused me to take more risks in my style like showing more skin, which a lot of guys do not tend to do. It has also made me look for a balance between comfort and style. Some jeans and shirts might be a little too small because of my muscle size, so I take full advantage of stretchy material and oversized clothing to help with that balance.

TBC: Where are some places that you like to get your pieces?

Kenny: For the more expensive pieces, I like to go on Grailed or Ebay, but for jeans I really love PacSun. I like to go all over really. I like Zara, Forever 21 and ASOS

TBC: What is your favorite item in your closet right now?

Kenny: I really like this Stone Island sweater that I am wearing. Or some of my Supreme crewnecks. Something that is not in your face and still subtle but you know the brand. 

TBC: What are your three staple pieces for the upcoming fall?

Kenny: Some form of leather, either a leather jacket or Dr. Martens, knitwear sweaters and flannels. I have a flannel in every single color that you can think of.

TBC: How has your style evolved into what it is today?

Kenny: I used to wear t-shirts and shorts, the normal jock type look. When I started getting more into social media and thinking that I could actually pull off some of these more extravagant things, I started buying these things and using my own creativity as an avenue in fashion. 

TBC: How does your look stand out amongst the other Butler students?

Kenny: I like to take a lot more risks. I will wear a flannel around my waist and you do not see guys doing that very often. I will wear a crop top to class. I like to take more risks so hopefully I feel more comfortable in my own skin. 


You can follow Chromik on Instagram @quadslikeken.



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