Dawgs with Style: Bailey Gordon

Senior Bailey Gordon’s classic look and cohesive ensembles allows him to be comfortable and confident in his own style. Photo by Malachi White.

MALACHI WHITE | CULTURE EDITOR | mrwhite1@butler.edu 

Bailey Gordon is a senior vocal performance major from Whiteland, Indiana. He dresses to impress on stage and keeps it simple yet classic on his down time. His style has changed during his four years at Butler, but he continues to stand out amongst his peers whether in the classroom or on stage. 

TBC: It’s the first day of school and you are going to pick out your favorite outfit, what are you wearing?

Gordon: Definitely a nice pair of jeans. Probably also a button down with a nice floral print because I have a lot of those. 

TBC: Do you have a favorite store?

Gordon: Not really. Honestly, I get a lot of my t-shirts wherever I can get them the cheapest. However, for most of my sweaters I’ll usually thrift them or I get them passed down from family members. 

TBC: What are some fashionably comfortable tips that you can give going into the school year with seasons changing?

Gordon: I think that if it’s hot, but not too hot, and it’s cold inside, it’s nice to just roll up your jeans. I think it’s a practical way to not be as hot in jeans. You can also not wear socks, or wear short socks. A denim jacket is a super great option, I find that it doesn’t get too hot because it’s not lined with anything. 

TBC: What are your top 3 things that everyone needs to have in their closet that you can’t live without?

Gordon: I think a good belt is definitely something you need. Personally, I’m a big fan of the belt and shoes matching, otherwise it doesn’t look put together. I’m also a big fan of comfortable and stylish jeans, especially in my experience where I used to wear my jeans probably way too tight. And I think a pair of leather shoes can go a long way. 

TBC: Do you think your style has changed since freshman year?

Gordon: I feel like I’ve become a little less formal since freshman year; it was more ties, more button down shirts, and everything tucked in — even the t-shirts. Honestly that’s all stopped. I definitely wear less ties because I think it’s harder to sing with them on. 

TBC: How do you think being a performance major has impacted how you dress?

Gordon: I think there are some pretty practical ways that it’s impacted the way I dress, especially in pants. I’ve got to be careful how tight the waste is in the pants. You want them to be snug so they stay on, but if they’re too tight they affect your breathing. In high school I totally didn’t even think about that and I just had pants that were way too tight, and I honestly couldn’t really breathe right in them. So I’ve had to adjust for proper singing technique. 

TBC: What are some tips or advice that you have for first-years coming into Butler with maybe a high school mindset on how to dress?

Gordon: Man. I think this is the chance to do whatever you want, honestly. I see lots of different styles out there everyday, so if you think that you’ve been holding yourself back, this is probably the chance for you to stop doing that. 


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