Dawgs with Style: Mikayla Whittemore

AIDEN SMITH | STAFF REPORTER | absmith2@butler.edu

Sophomore Mikayla Whittemore’s extremely expressive style stands out at Butler University. This Political Science major incorporates her creativity and mood in her own way. Whittemore discusses thrifting in Indy and how to express your own style instead of going along with popular brands and trends.

The Butler Collegian: How would you describe your personal style?

Whittemore: I would say that it’s definitely influenced by my mood. Lately I’ve been wanting to dress more boyish because I feel like a lot of girls will be uncomfortable to wear baggy clothes. I think that a lot of times, girls’ clothes are not very functional so I have been trying to dress more boyish.

Mikayla Whittemore is a political science major who loves to thrifting and has a unique sense of style. Photos by Adam Cvik.

TBC: Has anyone had an influence on your personal style, like family or friends, or is it mostly just your mood?

Whittemore: Not my family or my friends. I feel like all of my friends will look at me and say, “Mikayla, of course you’re going to wear this. I will never do it, but of course Mikayla will.” My family is very Plain Jane as well. I really just do my own thing. I consider my style as just another expression of art and expression of myself.

TBC: How do you think your style differs from your friends or other students at Butler?

Whittemore: At Butler, it is kind of plain. We’re not in New York so I didn’t expect people to step out. I don’t try to wear name brands at all. I go thrifting a lot, so I think that it is more expressive.

TBC: When did you start to develop the more expressive style that you have right now?

Whittemore: I have been getting “Best Dressed” awards since fifth grade. It has definitely changed. In middle school to high school, I didn’t dress the type of way I dress now. Even last year, I wouldn’t say that I had my own style, but this year I would say that I have really developed my own thing. Even though I have started to create something a little more distinct, it is nothing like where I want to take it.

TBC: When you are looking for inspiration for your style, do you ever look for trends or do you typically have just your mood influence that?

Whittemore: I would say that I am influenced by just my own moods, but at the same time I am sort of influenced by trends. I get some of my ideas from Instagram. So maybe not trends like name brand trends, but trends of what styles are in.

TBC: Do you have any specific accounts people should follow?

Whittemore: I like @slashedbytia. Personally on my Instagram, I try to show off my Goodwill pieces, but I like to do crazy edits too.

TBC: So mentioned that you like to go thrifting and to Goodwill, where are your favorite places to thrift?

Whittemore: Usually on the first Saturday of every month, I’ll go to the Fountain Square Goodwill and hit the Vintage Vogue down the street. Wherever you go, I would just say do not just limit yourself to one store. You have to really search and I think that people aren’t as dedicated when they thrift.

TBC: Your style is very different from the typical Butler students’, so how do you stay true to your style in an environment like this?

Whittemore: My style makes me feel good! I could have the worst day but at least I look good!

TBC: What is your favorite piece of your outfit that you are wearing right now?

Whittemore: I am definitely going to go with this shirt. I got it a long time ago at Goodwill.

TBC: What are three things in your closet that you can not live without?

Whittemore: My Dr. Martens! My Docs keep my feet protected through all of the seasons and I have had these boots since my freshman year of high school. Also my utility pants and big, oversized sweatshirts. I have started experimenting with customizing my clothes, so a plain sweatshirt is a good starting point to sew on patches or use paint markers.

You can follow Mikayla on her Instagram @quuaasaar


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