Dawgs with Style: Naomi Norris

MADDY KLINE | STAFF REPORTER | mgkline@butler.edu

Naomi Norris, a senior political science and business administration double major, spent years following uniform guidelines. Since coming to Butler, she continuously dresses to disrupt the conformity that can befall college students everywhere.

The Butler Collegian: How would you describe your style?

Naomi Norris: I would say it is very different; I don’t conform. A lot of my life, I was told to conform so when I have the opportunity to step out, that is what I did. I would say it is classy in a sense, but still different and forward.


TBC: What sorts of things in your life have influenced your style the most?

NN: I would say my dad taught me a lot about fashion. My dad always loved statement pieces that people might look past, and he actually took me out and showed me how to put everything together. Anyone who knows me knows that I love Rihanna, and I think she just has that really bad vibe; she is really forward with her fashion. She takes things off the runway but twists it to her own style, so I think she is a big inspiration too.

TBC: Do you see a lot of your style as exuding confidence and a strong feminine character due to those influences?

NN: Yeah, I would definitely agree with that. I like the feminine side to it, but I also like when there is a masculine touch to it as well. Kind of playing on both of those so you get that bad vibe, like “she looks good.”

TBC: Do you think your style continues to change over time?

NN: I think it develops; it is developing and learning, and I think that comes with personal development too. When I became comfortable with myself and confident with who I was, I would start pulling on different statement pieces because it represents a part of who I am.

TBC: On lazy days do you find yourself gravitating towards comfort clothes or continuing to dress up with those statement pieces?

NN: Workout clothes; typically all black on a lazy day.

TBC: What is your favorite piece in your closet right now?

NN: I have this bracelet my dad gave me when I was five, and it is this very petite gold chain with my name engraved. I have always kept that, and I love to wear it. I also have a pair of wide red pants, which are definitely a statement, but I think they describe me and my personality perfectly.

TBC: What brands or stores do you like shopping at?

NN: I do not have a particular favorite place to shop. Typically I will see something on TV, Instagram or in a magazine that inspires an idea I already have and then I will go look for it.

TBC: Are you constantly becoming inspired with these ideas, or do you ever find yourself falling into a rut with fashion?

NN: I think my rut comes in implementing color, because I wear all black so often.

TBC: Considering the style norms at Butler, what sort of advice would you have for students who may want to start breaking out of that mold?

NN: If you like a piece, wear it and own it. It’s your style and your clothing. If you wear it, rock it and exert that confidence.

Photos by Adam Cvik.

You can follow Naomi on Instagram: @naomi.grace.norris


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