Cappuccino and chill: great coffee spots close to Butler

The entrance to Monon Coffee and Co. in Broad Ripple. Photo courtesy of Pinterest.


It’s Saturday morning, and you have nothing on the docket besides doing homework and resting from a long week of school. You could stay on campus, pick up your typical Starbucks order and head over to your usual study spot in Irwin. OR, for many exciting reasons, you could choose to switch things up a bit and head off campus to a new coffee shop.

It’s easy to put off leaving campus. Whether you have no car, can’t afford expensive coffee drinks, have to put on real people clothes—there are many reasons to stay in. But the general benefits we get from leaving our Butler Bubble trumps them all.

I don’t know about you, but if I’m alone in my room doing homework, it is so easy to take a quick break and open up my Netflix tab. In doing so, I proceed to waste time, and it takes longer to get back into a productive zone.

We feel less likely to do habitual things in an unfamiliar place, like watching Netflix as our study break. Putting ourselves in less comfortable environments can eliminate these unproductive habits and force us to take more organic breaks.

Not only do these places keep you focused and on track when you’re doing work, they also allow you to learn and interact with the world around you, instead of reverting to comfortable habits of procrastination.

When you go outside Butler’s campus, you’ll have an opportunity to get to know Indy and its locals. Making small talk in a new place with a stranger enhances your social skills and connects you to those outside our bubble.

Derek Rippe, a senior vocal performance and business major, commented on a recent encounter he experienced with two friends while at Provider, a local coffee shop. Rippe shared his utter happiness to run into his friend, who he had not seen since she graduated two years ago.

He says that it “would not have been possible had I not left campus. Being able to see people that you know and love outside of Butler makes the stress of college diminish and reminds you that there is so much more to life than what goes on in the classroom.”

Empathy, social skills, fresh environments, and supporting local business are really healthy and stimulating for college students. So sure, leaving campus can provide you with a stellar cup o’ joe, but it also provides us the opportunities to learn and grow, not only as students, but as citizens of the world.

So now that you’re ready to take on the world, hop in your car, and head to the nearest coffee shop, I thought I’d mention a few.

First up, we have a general favorite, Monon Coffee and Co. Right in the heart of Broad Ripple, Monon has been serving Butler students for a long time. Because this shop is well known and doesn’t have a plethora of study tables, it makes for a good hangout that will provide you with your much needed caffeine buzz, but maybe this isn’t the best study spot.

Up next, just down College Ave. and across from Yats, there lies a hidden coffee shop gem: Cornerstone Coffee. This Irish pub meets coffee shop vibe, which connects to Moe & Johnny’s, is a perfect place to hunker down and get some homework done.

Not only is Cornerstone Coffee equipped with an extensive coffee and tea list, but there are pastries and proper food from Moe & Johnny’s available all day. If you stay long enough, the bar attached could even supply you with some drinks…provided, of course, you’re 21 or over.

Further down College Ave. is Taste Cafe, a morning spot, fully stocked with aesthetic lighting and even more aesthetic pastries and breakfast platters. This warm, modern spot has plenty of seating for group projects, and it’s quiet atmosphere is ideal to get your work done or just sit and enjoy the morning. Keep checking the time, though, because Taste is only open until 3 p.m.!

The last place to mention is my personal favorite, Provider. About 10 minutes south of campus and right next to the Monon Trail, Provider’s coffee and vibe will leave your friends jealous of the trip. With its rustic, modern decor and beautifully crafted coffee, you may never want to leave … and, since it’s open until 11 p.m., no one’s forcing you to!

These are some honorable mentions, but the list of shops you can find by simply typing in ‘coffee’ into your search bar is tremendous. Coffee shops to fit your aesthetic in this city will never be too hard to find and are sure to add some great vibes to your off-campus experience.


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