What is college?


What is college?  I went around and asked Butler University students of various grades and majors what college means to them.

Upon receiving a variety of silly and serious responses, I came to my own conclusion of what college truly is.

College is a time to explore what you enjoy and who you are as an individual. College is when you check your email more than your texts. It is an opportunity to learn about the things that make you passionate.

It is a caring community of people who all come together under one cause: higher education. It is a place where you can try new things and get the training for whatever you want to do later on in life.

College is a privilege that many people cannot afford or do not experience. It is not something that should be taken for granted. However, it is something many only get to experience once.

It is pivotal to make the absolute most out of a college experience for yourself and for those who are not able to.

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