Clothed Mind


Fashion on campuses has changed over the years. However, a lot of the choices made are not for the better. Men and women have their fashion faux pas in their own rights in a various range of styles.

Clothes currently worn to class have gone from being an extra on Degrassi to starring in a reality TV show. It used to be that showing more skin was looked down upon; however, our generation today has capitalized on the idea of “less is more.”

Outfit selections involve more shear and see-through items, as well as short and skin-tight pieces. As a guy in college, I believe a lot of the wardrobe choices are hideous and unflattering.

Women on campus are using their clothing as a new-found freedom to be proud in the skin they possess – but they do so with minimal fabric. For example, two prominent trends are booty shorts and crop tops. While the weather is warm, people can wear less articles of clothing, but the shorts length and cut is just too much.

Sophomore Aris Cuello said some clothing he sees on campus is a bit provocative.

“I’m all for women being able to wear whatever they please,” he said. “However, when they are wearing shorts that cover up almost nothing, I see it to be unnecessary and also somewhat disgusting.”

Urban Outfitters sells v-cut shorts, which are women’s shorts that are cut in a diagonal fashion, being shorter at the hip– thus, showing off more skin. It keeps people cool on those hot summer days, but it also shows off more assets than necessary. One’s skin should not be the focal point of clothing.

Birkenstocks or “Jesus Sandals” are also the new style among women as well as men. I have been told from multiple people they are very comfortable and a practical slide in shoe. However, they are more for relaxing Sundays rather than classroom weekdays.

Wearing socks and sandals simply does not work. They are more for lazy days and homework time, not the statement piece of the century. It is understandable, however, if you must leave in a quick fashion, since they can be practical.

Women’s clothing is not the only thing that is a tad problematic on campus. Men have their style flaws that are just as unflattering.

The “bum look” is a very classic and basic outfit choice, especially for the less fashion-forward man of today. It typically consists of basketball shorts or sweats, a graphic tee (either a school shirt or cartoon character) and socks with sandals.

Do not get me wrong; some days this is a go-to style, only because it is laundry day or it is too early too function. I just do not think it should be an every-day outfit choice.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are the guys that are too fashion-forward. To them, every day is similar to living in SOHO or being part of New York Fashion Week. This goes hand-in-hand with women expressing themselves. But the men who want to be trend-starters seem to choose everything that does not match. It can go from subtle to over-the-top very fast, especially if it takes more time to pick out an outfit than to put it on.

Pinterest and Buzzfeed contain great style inspirations for the everyday college student or working man and woman. However, if color and style choices consist of flamboyant patterns and textures, then maybe beginning with a simple pairing of two colors is the way to go.

Expression is a way of life, especially when one hits the 20s. Just always remember, this is college, not Vogue.  So, be frugal and practical– trends and styles may change, but that does not require changing with it.