Bulldogs of Butler — Homecoming Edition

The sidewalks start filling up with chalk advertisements. The tables at Starbucks are constantly occupied. And the Greek brothers and sisters sport their letters with more pride than usual.

It must be Homecoming at Butler University.

Junior Megan Borries is one of two captains who help plan the Homecoming events for Alpha Chi Omega.

From Yell Like Hell to the football game, Borries shows great enthusiasm for all the Homecoming events.

“I like that it’s our one event where everyone at Butler, or seems to be everyone, participates,” she said.

Everyone is included in homecoming, Borries said, and it truly brings the community and even alumni together.

She said she is most excited for Lawn Decks, where AXO’s team, which includes Alpha Phi and Schwitzer Hall, decorates its front lawn according to this year’s theme – Looney Tunes.

“I am one of the rare, creative ones who is a pharmacy major, so I really like coloring and painting and coming up with ideas,” Borries said. “It’s going to be mid-clusters week for me, so it’s going to be a nice break from studying 24/7.”

While most events bring joy and excitement to students, some seem out of place and confusing. One of these events is Wild Wild West. Borries said the lack of public relations on it causes its low attendance each year. The event is a themed party hosted in Atherton Union, complete with a mechanical bull.

“If I knew there was a mechanical bull on campus, I would definitely go,” she said.

She also expresses concern on whether the money spent on the event is worth it. Since this money could easily go to funding other Homecoming events, it must be tradition keeping it alive. But to Borries, Homecoming is more than just the most anticipated football game of the season.

“Everyone comes together and shows off Butler spirit,” she said, “Everyone feels so close. You feel connected with the 4,000 other people here at school, at least for me.”