You know you go to Butler when…


You know you go to Butler University when…

  1. Freshman year, your dormitory is hot all year round, due to the lack of air conditioning in the summer and the blazing furnaces in the winter.
  2. Over half of your flex dollars are gone by the first month, spent mostly on frappucinos and lattes with unnecessarily fancy French names.
  3. The amount of squirrels on campus outnumber the students—even in the winter.
  4. Your live mascot receives better treatment and is provided nicer living conditions than you. Actually, most of your tuition most likely goes toward paying for his better treatment and living conditions.
  5. You moan and groan about the treacherous and lengthy walk to your furthest class—which is probably a five-minute walk, at most.
  6. Fire alarms go off at 3 in the morning because someone saw the humor in dragging everyone out of their rooms and into the wintry tundra. In general, high school fire drills have nothing on faulty fire alarm incidents in your residence hall.
  7. You payed $200 for a parking pass but then are unable to use it for the last couple months of the semester because the university decides to change parking so much.
  8. You see half of the student body twice a day.
  9. Students are genuinely upset the Mongolian Grill closes over the weekends.
  10. You know most (if not all) of the dining hall staff by name, and they know your name as well.
  11. There is at least one Jimmy John’s vehicle on every street.
  12. Printing something in the Atherton lab is always a gamble.
  13. You almost always have to “know a brother.”
  14. Black and navy blue are now an acceptable color combination—and makes it into your weekly wardrobe at least once.
  15. The two most popular areas of study are pharmacy and dance.
  16. It is abnormal if someone does not open the door for you.
  17. The vice president of student affairs buys you Starbucks.
  18. And despite overzealous fire alarms, the daily, unhealthy temptations of Starbucks and the abundance of squirrels, you could not imagine your school spirit ever wavering.