JCA: Adding inspiration


Students from Jordan College of the Arts have an incredible passion for what they do. Frankly, business or pharmacy students just do not display the same drive. Pursuing a degree at JCA is as much about personal growth as it is about grade point average.

They are not just having fun — they are learning. But the experience is unique from that of a Butler student at another college.

JCA students study Art + Design, Arts Administration, Dance, Music and Theatre. Depending on the department, an audition, personal interview or portfolio review is required to be admitted into the Jordan College of the Arts, alongside the typical Butler application.

Emmy Cook, a freshman theatre major, is passionate about what she is studying.

“Theatre is amazing because it allows me to connect to everything on a deeper level — to the characters, to myself, and to those around me,” Cook said. “There is a lot of healing that can be done through theatre.”

Students of the arts view their studies as more a part of themselves than simply information they must absorb in class. Cook said she only feels completely herself when she is performing.

“I have never been more comfortable with myself than when I am on stage,” she said.

Matthew Griffin, a freshman student in the department of dance, is also working on a double major in finance.

“I love dance but it is not the most reliable field,” Griffin said. “I think my majors will help me have an advantage wherever my career takes me.”

As a liberal arts school, Butler University makes it easy to focus on disciplines across different colleges.  Griffin is only one example of a student striving for a dream while earning a more traditional degree.

Freshman Cade Leinbach is pursuing a degree in composition at the school of music.

“There is a good amount of difference between what we have to do and what other majors have to do,” Leinbach said. “The biggest difference is it is always practicing. You will get worse if you do not practice.”

The reasons JCA students study their passions surpass career prospects. They care about their fields and work hard to get better. It is not an easy path, but to these students, it is the right path.

Photo by Nora Navin

Photo by Nora Navin