Cocoa in the cold


In the brisk cold wind, January seems to just snow on the parade at Butler University, keeping everyone tucked away in their warm toasty rooms.

However, there is one thing that can draw any college student out of bed on a cold winter night: hot cocoa.

Kappa Alpha Theta, commonly known around Butler University’s campus as “Theta,” hosted a philanthropy event called Cocoa for Theta on Jan. 29.


The purpose of this event was to help warm up Butler students by selling hot chocolate and to give back to the Theta Foundation.

President of Kappa Alpha Theta Erin York describes the Theta Foundation as a community of reassurance for all Thetas, whether they are current members or alumnae. She said the foundation sponsors all students, past and future initiates included.

It specifically provides scholarships to help students with college tuition.

“Even after college, if you are going through a hard time, you can ask the Theta Foundation for money to get you out of your struggle,” York said.

The foundation’s aid to all members of its sorority, she said, is “a really neat thing because it just shows that you are a Theta for a lifetime, not just during college.”

The Theta Foundation, however, is not the only philanthropy Kappa Alpha Theta supports.

It also promotes Court Appointed Special Advocates, a program, York said, that supports children stuck in either the legal system or from unfortunate home situations.

The organization assigns an advocate for each child without proper legal representation. The advocate then takes the child through the entire court system until the child finds proper care.

Theta is one of CASA’s main providers after the organization lost government funding recently.

Many college-age members of Kappa Alpha Theta are under the 21-years-old age requirement to become advocates, so the sorority supports CASA monetarily.

KATwalk was Theta’s fall philanthropy event.

During the event, Butler’s sororities and fraternities pair up to put on a fashion show with many various outfit categories.

“This year at KATwalk we had a guest speaker who was an advocate,” York said. “It was really neat for the community to see what we were fundraising for.”

York and Theta were thrilled with the support Butler Community provided for both KATwalk and Cocoa for Theta.

“We always love the support that we get from the community,” the president said. “One way to help out Kappa Alpha Theta in supporting CASA and the Theta Foundation is by coming and participating in our philanthropy events.”

“It was really fun to see all my friends come and support something that I am involved in,” Anna Broadhurst, a freshman member of the sorority, said. “Plus, it was nice to have something different to do together.”