Need a ride?


Most locations around Indianapolis are not within walking distance of campus, making cab services more and more important to Butler students.

With new services like Lyft and Uber, there are even more options for students to choose from.

Uber’s mobile application is becoming increasingly more popular around college campuses.

The app includes features such as “one tap to ride” and will “calculate an approximate amount based on time and distance, so there are never any surprises on your receipt,” according to its website.

Uber offers rides in personal vehicles without a company logo and provides ways to give feedback after the trip.

Lyft, another national ride service, is now offering rides all around Indianapolis in vehicles adorned with pink mustaches.

Lyft is also an app-based service that provides cashless payment methods by charging the individual’s credit card after he or she reaches the destination.

Lyft lets customers track the driver on his way to the pickup destination and will never pair a customer with a driver that he or she rates at fewer than three stars.

With both of these new services, customers have the opportunity to get a cab with extra amenities, such as automatic credit card payment without having to call a service.

Yellow Cab is a traditional cab service that offers cab rides in Indianapolis.

Rather than offering an app, Yellow Cab can only be reached by phone. Fare is based on a meter for these cabs, and the company’s website does not provide a means of giving customer feedback.

Senior Alyssa Hayes has taken a number of different Yellow Cabs back to Butler.

“I always try talking to the drivers, and they are really great to talk to,” she said.

Her only complaint was, when she took a van with more people, it was cash-only, and not everyone had cash on-hand.

Senior Eric Chen has also taken a Yellow Cab. He rode a Yellow Cab from the Indianapolis International Airport back to his home in Carmel.

He said he had a “great experience overall” and the ride went well, except he had to wait a while for the cab to arrive at the airport.

“It was kind of annoying,” he said.

Each of these services offers different ways to get you where you need to go. Whether it is via an app or a phone call, any of the cab services listed here can get you back to Butler University safely.