President James Danko announces Butler University’s opposition to HJR-6



President James Danko announced that Butler University will publicly oppose Indiana House Joint Resolution 6 in an email to Butler students, faculty and staff.

The resolution would amend Indiana’s constitution to define marriage as strictly between one man and one woman, and states that a legal status similar to marriage, such as a civil union, will not be recognized.

Other Indiana colleges, including the Christian Theological Seminary, Indiana University, Ball State University and Wabash College made statements opposing the proposed amendment to Indiana’s constitution as well.

“Butler’s position on HJR-6 follows several weeks of productive discourse and consideration among campus stakeholders and comes with the strong backing of the University’s Board of Trustees and the Faculty Senate, which unanimously approved a resolution opposing HJR-6,” Danko’s email said. “Many other stakeholders, including students, staff, and alumni, have also voiced their opposition to the measure.”

In their Dec. 4 meeting, Butler’s Student Government will vote on a formal resolution to oppose HJR-6 as well.

“I will still push to pass the resolution in SGA,” said Katie Breden, author of the resolution and a member of Demia, Butler’s feminist organization. “Our own student body should be held accountable for standing up for its peers and the future of Indiana.”

SGA President Craig Fisher said he believes Danko’s message is representative of the institution’s foundation and established strategic vision. He said he will encourage a respectful, yet thorough dialogue among students and assembly before they reach a decision.

“We students must now decide if taking a position towards this state legislation is in the best interests of all Butler students,” Fisher said.

The petition to Danko to oppose HJR-6 garnered 899 signatures, including students, faculty and alumni.

“I am so speechless,” Emma Salter, a member of Alliance said. “This very moment makes me so very proud to call myself a bulldog. Many have worked very hard to get this achieved, so on behalf of everyone, thank you.”


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