SGA introduces recycling program

In its attempts to make Butler University a greener campus, the Student Government Association’s Green Operations Committee has a found a way for Butler to protect the environment while making the university some extra cash on the side.

The Green Operations Committee has become involved with a company called TerraCycle, which pays for hard-to-recycle items and turns them into products sold in retail stores.

After hearing of other college campuses’  use of TerraCycle, the Green Operations Committee decided to implement it at Butler in order to become a greener campus.

The Green Operations Committee has set up TerraCycle collection points across campus in order to collect ink cartridges, disposable cups and empty health and beauty products.

Alex Tallentire, SGA’s Green Operations Committee coordinator, said the program is a semester-long process, which has been implemented over the last two weeks at Butler.

“We’re working with three products right now,” said Scott Nemeth, SGA vice president of administration, “but if the program becomes more popular, we hope to expand to other hard-to-recycle products”

The materials are then sent to TerraCycle to be recycled, and Butler receives payment for the waste.

Nemeth said funds received from the TerraCycle program will go back to SGA in the Green Operations account, which funds green projects around campus.

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