Art Now features student work

Every semester, the Art Now show transforms the Reilly Room into an art exhibit with aisles of drawings, collages, paintings, photography, sculptures, interactive pieces and other works of art.

It is that time of the semester.

The art will be available for viewing today, starting at 9 a.m. and ending at 5 p.m.

Art + design majors and minors have worked on their pieces throughout the semester.

Each major fills an entire poster board with his or her art work, and minors fill about half of a board. These boards are then presented to the community through Art Now.

Senior Carly Sobolewski created a piece of interactive artwork that will be on display.

“It is an ode to the 90s, since I am a true 90s kid and I was born in the 1990,” she said. “It has to do with a 90s toy, and I think it is a good topic of conversation. People like to talk about what they used to play with.”

Sobolewski has been an art minor since her freshman year and said she tried to take an art class each semester. She just recently switched to an art + design major, and this semester she is in two classes that contribute to Art Now, drawing and graphic design.

She said she and her classmates work on plenty of pieces each week, but they collaborate with their professor to pick which ones to show.

“I am proud of certain pieces and not as proud of other pieces,” she said.

Sophomore Taylor Sitorius just started in the art + design program.

She said she is trying to show her best work because it is her first time showing her work publicly.

“I want to put my best foot forward for the people in the community to see,” Sitorius said.

She added that there are 10 new freshmen in the art program, and they are all excited to show their work for the first time.

Sobolewski said all of the freshmen are “crazy talented”.

“We are hoping it will be the best exhibit yet since we have so many new majors,” she said.

Students in the perspective in the creative arts classes also show their work.

Assistant art professor Steve Nyktas said on the art program’s blog that for many students in the class this was their first time making art.

The PCA students show their favorite piece they have made so far in the course. Nyktas said his class just finished a cardboard sculpture project.

“The challenge I presented to them was to make a sculpture out of cardboard that responded to the theme of ‘scale,’” Nyktas said in the blog.

Art Now will present the students’ answers to Nyktas’s challenge, as well as a variety of works from other classes and students in the art + design program.


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