Students hunger for dining changes

Freshman Kathryn Cleary  started Dawgs for a Cause two weeks ago to show Butler University’s dining services what students really have a taste for.

Cleary said she immediately saw the food offered by dining services was not up to par.

After starting the group, Cleary tried boycotting dining services for eight days. During her boycott, she said she ate bagels, cereal, Easy Mac and food from Starbucks instead.

After eight days, she went back to eating in the dining halls because relying on other options became too difficult.

To meet its goals, the group has made a Facebook page, gone to the presidential student forum and had a meeting with faculty. The meeting was attended by student affairs staff, members of the dining services and Student Government Association.

The Facebook page discusses “Issues At Hand,” which include dining options being open later, healthier and more diverse food and greater emphasis on cleanliness and proper handling of food by employees.

The Facebook group has 568 members.

Sophomore Sara Doverspike is on the Dawgs for a Cause committee and joined after seeing her fellow students’ enthusiasm.

“Kathryn was really passionate about it, and it made me realize that if students have passion about something and if we can stand together for a common cause, we can see the changes that we want to see in the school,” Doverspike said.

Freshman Amanda Mansard, who is also on the committee, said there is room for improvement in the food, and the group can be a form of communication.

“It’s just a great source for feedback, especially for the SGA so they can see where the people’s thoughts are about the food on campus,” Mansard said.

Mansard also has personal reasons for joining the group.

“I’m gluten-free and soy- and dairy-free as well, so I know how hard it is to find different options to eat here,” Mansard said.

Scott Nemeth, SGA vice president of administration, was in attendance at the presidential student forum.

Nemeth took an interest in the group and connected Cleary to the Council on Presidential Affairs.

“I think that Dawgs for a Cause is going to produce a lot of student leaders on campus,” Nemeth said.

Sally Click, dean of student services, said dining services has existing ways for students to provide opinions, one of them being the Butler Cuisine Bureau, and there is a possibility of the two  groups working together.

Cleary said the group hopes to expand in numbers and to promote student awareness.

More information on the group can be found on its Facebook and Twitter pages.


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