Obama: Four more years

Barack Obama will serve four more years as the president of the United States.

After winning the state of Ohio, most major media networks called the race in favor of Obama.

Butler University students voted both absentee and at the Marion county polls today.

Sophomores Chris Morano and Matt O’Brien said they voted absentee fo Obama in their home states.

“I’m from New York, so we’re generally pretty liberal,” Morano said. “But I want the country to continue to move forward, not backward.”

O’Brien decided to vote for Obama in his home state of Ohio.

“I voted in Ohio, which they keep calling a battleground state,” O’Brien said. “I voted for Obama because Mitt Romney wants to turn the country into a business. That’s not going to work. You can’t take care of people that way.”

Female students expressed support for Obama based on his support of women’s rights.

Junior Kate Newman said she voted for Obama because of his stance on women’s issues but also his efforts to ease financial burdens of college students.

“I feel like Obama has my own interests at heart as a woman and as a student,” Newman said. “He’s pro-choice, which I personally

support, and he doesn’t plan on taking away Pell Grant funding, which I currently enjoy. But he also has the best interests of people I care about that sometimes can’t help themselves, like the poor and immigrants.”

Junior Lauren Brodeur said her views on abortion and women’s health led her to vote for President Obama at Hinkle Fieldhouse on Tuesday.

“I voted for Obama because of his stance on women’s health,” Brodeur said. “I’m pro-choice, and Romney’s stance on abortion concerns me.”

Sophomore Brock Brothers said he was worried about Romney’s change in opinion and policy during the last few years.

“Romney had more flip flops than Panama City Beach on spring break,” Brothers said.

However, Romney supporters said their support was based primarily on a dislike for Obama’s financial decisions.

“I want Romney to win because I don’t like Obama,” sophomore Alex Cairns said. “Four more years of lessening the economy won’t help. I think Romney will know how to create jobs.”

Sophomore Anna Zeller said she supported Obama in spite of the backlash he received for his stance on social programs.

“I don’t like the idea that some people deserve money and others don’t,” Zeller said. “Granted, I don’t pay taxes yet, but I do know that there are people that need assistance.”

Romney was projected as winner of Indiana less than an hour after the polls closed at 6 p.m.

At press time, Romney won the state of Indiana by 54.4 percent, with 91.8 percent of precincts reporting.

Many major new networks closely watched the Indiana senatorial race to replace Richard Lugar’s seat.

Democrat Joe Donnelly won the seat over Republican Richard Mourdock with 49.8 percent of the votes counted at press time.

Brodeur said she voted for Donnelly because she strongly disliked Mourdock’s statements about abortion and rape.

“The comments Richard Mourdock made about rape and pregnancy were awful, so I definitely didn’t vote for him,” Brodeur said.

Republican Mike Pence won the Indiana gubernatorial race.


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