Fountain receiving repairs

Butler University’s sidewalks are being renovated, with the current construction surrounding Star Fountain.

Located in the center of the Mall, the construction has caused closure of passageways from Irwin Library to Atherton Union.

Jerry Carlson, director of maintenance services, said this is one of many sections that will fall under one renovation project.

“Wherever you see white lines on the sidewalks are areas that need repairs,” Carlson said. “The sidewalks are old and have become tripping hazards and damaging to snow plows.”

Carlson said the Capital Work Group, a group that consists of Butler faculty and a student representative, approved a $75,000 renovation to areas of sidewalks all over campus.

Some students said the construction has been an inconvience on campus.

“The ground is almost always wet here,” junior Kevin Oblinger said. “So I basically have to walk through the mud now.”

“I have to reroute now on my way to class,” sophomore Sara Doverspike said. “I usually have this plan where I go straight from the library to Starbucks, and I just can’t do that anymore.”

Carlson said construction aims to be completed this fall, weather permitting. The project will be finished in the spring if there is not enough time.


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