CPA prioritizes campus projects

The Student Government Association’s Council on Presidential Affairs has developed a wish list for this year, but Christmas is still more than a month away.

CPA outlined 35 objectives it wants to work on as it starts projects for the academic year, including an underground tunnel system connecting every building on campus, a sports bar built on top of Starbucks and a Brita hydration station on every floor of every building.

CPA president Scott Nemeth said he knows he won’t achieve everything he wants.

“We’re not going to get all of them done, but we’re going to look into all of them,” Nemeth said. “I think that you’ll be surprised at how many we do end up getting done.”

Nemeth said he expects CPA to complete 20 items on the list, but this ideal will depend on the resources made available to CPA by the university and SGA’s rollover budget.

“Normally, we advocate for the projects,” Nemeth said, “then, the university usually funds them.

“If we get told ‘no’ on something, we’re not going to just put it off and say to the assembly that we can’t get it done. We’re going to try as hard as we can to find a middle ground with the university on making that possible.”

CPA may need to find more than the middle ground if it plans to dig tunnels beneath campus.

“The underground tunnels—I’m not sure that anyone would want to fund that,” Nemeth said. “They’d hand us a shovel to go out and start, probably.”

Nemeth said the sports bar on top of Starbucks may never be possible, and having a Brita hydration station on every floor of every building probably won’t happen either.

But Nemeth said doubling the number of Brita stations at Butler to eight, and placing them in residence halls, and making sure every building on campus stays open 24 hours are all realistic goals.

Nathan Holt, operations committee coordinator for CPA, said adding keycard access is a priority, and he is looking at adding access to the Fairbanks Building.

“My ultimate goal would be to see the majority of all exterior doors to academic buildings on a keycard-access system,” Holt said.

SGA president Mike Keller said CPA’s goals were written broadly so the administration could better understand student concerns.

“When you speak in very big terms like that, it’s easy for the administration to understand sort of what the students are really trying to say,” Keller said.

Nemeth said it is hard for him to determine what will ultimately happen.

“I’d expect that every month that we come back,” Nemeth said, “we’ll have a couple more projects done.” Nemeth said.


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