OPINION | Athletes need priority registration every semester

Athletes should be allowed to have priority registration every semester because athletes are training year-round, not just during their regular seasons.

Right now, athletes have priority registration only during the semester their season falls on, but not the off-season.

In most cases, the off-season is harder than the regular season due to extra practices.

Teams train all year, so athletes should be accommodated to fit needed classes in their hectic schedules.

Many sports have secondary seasons or exhibition games they play during the off-season.

Some days, teams will lift weights and practice on the same day.

A poorly put together academic schedule combined with two workouts per day will make for a long day for any athlete.

There is no reason to not let athletes have priority.

If athletes have to work out for a school team and represent their university away from campus, the school should try to accommodate them so their schedules can be a bit more feasible.

Athletes should also receive priority because, in order to remain eligible athletes, they must complete a certain number of academic hours per year.

If an athlete does not get the class they need because they are not “in-season” and the NCAA says they are ineligible the following semester, then he or she is left in the dark.

The athletics department has employees who regulate academics, but the way the system stands now could cause athletes to slip through the cracks if they cannot fit certain classes into their hectic off-season schedules.

The only solution to this scenario would be to overload an athlete with classes during the following semester.

This semester would fall during his or her regular season, in most cases.

To ensure that athletes remain competitive on the field and in the classroom, they should receive priority scheduling for all semesters.


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