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OPINION | Athletes need priority registration every semester

Athletes should be allowed to have priority registration every semester because athletes are training year-round, not just during their regular seasons. Right now, athletes have priority registration only during the semester their season falls on, but not the off-season. In most cases, the off-season is harder than the regular season due to extra practices. Teams

Priority scheduling fits busy schedules

Between practices, weight training, conditioning and meetings with athletic trainers, Elizabeth Jennings, a forward for Butler University’s women’s basketball team, spends about 40 hours or more per week juggling team responsibilities on top of her classwork. Because of their hectic schedules, each semester Jennings, a junior, and the rest of the university’s student-athletes get priority

Fitness tests challenge fall athletes

Sophomore goalie Jon Dawson wasn’t shy when discussing how difficult the team’s preseason fitness test is when he said, “The fitness test that we do as a team is the hardest fitness test I have ever done.” Dawson and I spoke about the fitness test the whole team needs to complete prior to the season.