OPINION | Great ButlerPalooza shows room for improvement

Pouring rain did not stop Butler University students from coming out to Clowes Memorial Hall and jamming to Smash Mouth and Chiddy Bang last weekend at ButlerPalooza.

The concerts committee, a part the Student Government Association, did an exceptional job dealing with planning issues when bad weather rolled in.

However, there is room for improvement.

The concerts committee should take student opinion into account when selecting bands.

“Smash Mouth was someone that could work well at Butler and get people to come see Chiddy Bang,” said senior Maddie Silverstein, co-chair of the concerts committee.  “We had to get someone that would draw people that didn’t listen to Chiddy Bang.”

Smash Mouth did just that, bringing out everyone who loved them when their hit “All Star” was featured in “Shrek” and flooded the airwaves.

“I enjoyed Smash Mouth more than Chiddy,” sophomore Michael Deloria said. “A big part of that was because of the nostalgia.  I listened to Smash Mouth a lot as a kid.”

The problem lies in how obsolete Smash Mouth is.

“All Star” was a single off Smash Mouth’s 1999 album “Astro Lounge,” and Shrek came out in 2001.

Smash Mouth has been irrelevant for a decade, and since then other great bands and acts have risen to fame.

The nostalgia factor was certainly a big draw, but when Smash Mouth’s lead singer, Steve Harwell, said that they would be playing songs from their new album, I zoned out.

It’s hard to get excited about a band’s new music when people only know one or two of its previous songs.

Freshman Hanna Holman said while the nostalgia drew some people, knowing most of Chiddy Bang’s songs is what made the hip hop duo enjoyable.

Silverstein said that multiple factors go into selecting acts for ButlerPalooza.

The bands’ schedules, the combination of bands and the costs of booking a band are taken into consideration.

The concerts committee can’t really afford to book acts like Eminem or Skrillex.

While Smash Mouth fit into all those requirements, the concerts committee ought to poll students on who they want to see.

Silverstein said that the committee has tried taking student opinion in the past but that the feedback they received gave them expensive musicians like Coldplay, Lady Gaga and Lil’ Wayne.

“They could get a poll of bands in their budget,” Deloria said. “They’d get a much better turnout.”

While Smash Mouth might not be the ideal band to bring to campus, dancing around to “All Star” and the cover of The Monkees’ song “I’m a Believer” was a blast.

The concerts committee has room for improvement, but all things considered, it put together a success.


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