Lacrosse: New season nears start

Lacrosse is a sport that does not receive much attention in Indiana, but Butler does, indeed, field a women’s lacrosse club team.

The squad was founded in 2006 when it joined the Women’s Collegiate Lacrosse League.

Maddi Corry, team president and junior player, said that she started playing lacrosse in high school, and the sport played an important factor in her deciding to come to Butler.

“Having a club team or some kind of team in college was important to me when picking a school,” Corry said.

Clare Hubbard, team treasurer and senior player, said she thinks the members of this year’s squad have more prior playing experience than past teams.

“Before, we would get a random few people that had played before, but now we get an increased number of them, and I feel like it affects the people who haven’t played before in a way that they catch on faster,” Hubbard said, “(such as) becoming a player who can play with people who have played for many years rather than taking many years to become a certain kind of player.”

Players who had never laid their hands on a lacrosse stick before coming to Butler are taught the basics when they join the team.

“We like having new players who have never played before and start out as freshmen or sophomores, and then we just teach them the game and how you play,” Corry said.

The team receives funds from SGA and covers additional costs by holding fundraisers. The team sold tank tops to raise money last season, and they are organizing a high school lacrosse tournament involving local teams that will take place on Sept. 22 as part of their fundraising efforts for this season.

“We invite a lot of local high school teams to play, and it’s a great way for them (to play) because this isn’t really lacrosse season,” Hubbard said. “It’s a great way for all these high school teams to not just be so spring-specific.”

Hubbard said the fall season that begins later this month provides a less-stressful atmosphere than that of spring games.

“The spring’s not much different,” Hubbard said. “I guess it’s a little bit more of a time commitment and it’s a little more intense and not as relaxed.”

Last spring, the Bulldogs went 7-4 in the central region of Division II of the WCLL and qualified for the playoffs but lost in the first round to Lake Forest College.

The team begins its season on Sept. 27 against Purdue at the Intramural Fields.


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