FACULTY SENATE | Senate to vote on core curriculum funding

Faculty Senate members read through a motion Tuesday that could urge Butler University administrators to fund and staff the core curriculum, which is $400,000 short of funding for next year.

The motion states, “It is imperative that the university fully staff the current core curriculum, which was approved by the faculty in 2005.

“We must ensure that we have sufficient funding and faculty positions to support the core curriculum.”

The Senate decided to take two weeks to think about the motion and will discuss and vote on it at the next meeting on April 24.

“This has always been a problem,” Elizabeth Mix, associate professor of art, said. “I think it’s beneficial that we have a serious conversation about it.”

Tom Dolan, a biology professor who serves on the university’s core curriculum committee, said the point of the motion is to get the core curriculum taken care of and to get a decision made.

“If this motion is a way to support a discussion about funding the core, then view it as that,” Dolan said.


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