Assembly to vote on U.S. housing act

A resolution to allow tax deductible contributions for non-profit, non-university-owned housing will be voted on today in Student Government Association assembly.

The resolution is the Collegiate Housing and Infrastructure Act. If passed, SGA would throw its support behind this federal policy proposal.

Senior Ginnye Cubel brought up the resolution last week as new business.

Cubel is part of a student lobbying program that is going to Washington, D.C., at the end of the month to meet with congressional leaders. When she heard about this resolution, she decided it needed to be discussed with university leaders.

Non-university housing includes Greek houses, co-ops and religious group housing.

Cubel said that the act gives people incentive to donate to these non-profit housing options.

“[The funds coming in] can go toward rewiring, fire sprinklers and other safety measures that may not have been updated in a few years,” she said.

Also, the housing could drop in cost if more funds and donations come in.

“Who doesn’t love low-cost things?” Cubel said.

A lot of people have come to Cubel with questions about the act since the document is written in formal language.

She said that once she has explained the concept, people seem pretty interested in it.

If SGA passes the resolution today, Cubel will take Butler’s vote with her to D.C. at the end of the month to show the congressional leaders that students are behind this act.


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