Sororities solicited for Super Bowl event attendance

All Butler University sororities received an email on Jan. 18 offering free tickets to any members willing to be included as “featured audience” members for various Super Bowl-related concerts and shows, including front row seats.

1iota director of social media Josh Patil contacted director of Greek life Becky Druetzler via email on Jan. 17 about providing free tickets to sorority members for upcoming events. 1iota is a company that helps event holders fill the seats of their venues.

The desired audience seemed to include strictly sorority members, and members of various fraternities said they didn’t receive a similar email.

Students’ opinions on the offer varied.

Some viewed it as a privilege for Greek sorority students to participate in the excitement, while others saw targeting only Greek women as unfair.

Claire Roberts, a sophomore psychology major and president of Delta Delta Delta sorority, said she liked that Butler was thought of for these shows.

“It was pretty cool that they were giving us an opportunity to get right up and experience [the concerts and shows],” she said. “It was kind of selective. I think it was just easier with the whole sorority aspect.”

Roberts said she was happy to see Butler and other schools getting involved.

Alpha Chi Omega member and strategic communications major Kate White said young women seemed to be in demand, but she said she thought offering opportunities based on gender was a bit unfair.

“I think it’s interesting, especially with the Super Bowl, that they’re trying to target certain audiences,” she said. “I can understand there’s a certain sex appeal to it. I think it’s a little unfair to make it gender-focused.”

Senior biology major Mallory Owens, who isn’t affiliated, agreed with White’s sentiment, although she said she was unaware such an offer was made to the sororities.
“I chose to be independent, so I expect to be left out of some things,” she said. “But if they do this, I wonder what else is done for Greek life?”

Roberts said the email was forwarded by Druetzler at the request of the ticket holder.

The offered events included the Univision Pepsi Musica Super Bowl Jam, the VH1 Pepsi Super Bowl Fan Jam, the CMT Crossroads Pepsi Super Bowl Fan Jam, and the 1st Annual NFL Honors Award Show, featuring artists such as Don Omar, The All-American Rejects, B.o.B., Gym Class Heroes and Lenny Kravitz.


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