Music and lyrics: the power of poetry

If you are looking to let loose your inner lyricist, the voice that always seems to sum up the events of your life in apt metaphors and wry similes, the Power Poetry Jam is for you.

Arielle Arzu, BSU’s vice president of volunteerism, said the Power Poetry Jam will be educational.

“It’s a great way for students to learn about different forms of art like spoken word,” Arzu said.

UnoBlessed Coons, the junior R.E.A.C.H. vice president of diversity programming, said the poetry jam will include approximately 30 minutes of open mic time for Butler University students, followed by performances from two professional groups.

The two groups are Outspoken, a local poetry group, and Kool’s Bazaar, an Indianapolis duo that mixes spoken words and music.

The event is sponsored by R.E.A.C.H., CoffeeHouse and the Black Student Union.

Arzu said the event will work into BSU’s mission while also furthering the group’s aim to become a program leader on campus.

“The Black Student Union is always finding ways to reach out to Butler’s campus and organize events that will help cultivate diversity, unity and leadership,” she said. “This year I personally think that we have done a great job thus far with getting BSU’s name out there and around campus.”

The Power Poetry Jam is only one of a number of events the BSU is sponsoring for Black History Month.

Two movie nights and the first Unity Ball were held earlier this month.

Rounding out the month is a group trip to the Charles H. Wright Museum and Motown Museum in Detroit, as well as a reception to present recent BSU research about the first African-American graduate of Butler University, Gertrude Mahorney.

More information about these events can be found on the BSU website.

Butler students who are interested in performing during the open mic session tomorrow are encouraged to sgn up at the BSU website or they can just “come ready to spit when they get there,” Coons said.


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