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Who is Amanda Gorman and why is she so f***ing cool?

Who is Amanda Gorman and why is she so f***ing cool?

The folks living in my apartment — and however many millions of other Americans — all tuned in to watch both the inauguration of President Biden and the Super Bowl. What do these two events have in common? They are both major events in American history and culture, and they both featured Amanda Gorman.

Music and lyrics: the power of poetry

If you are looking to let loose your inner lyricist, the voice that always seems to sum up the events of your life in apt metaphors and wry similes, the Power Poetry Jam is for you. Arielle Arzu, BSU’s vice president of volunteerism, said the Power Poetry Jam will be educational. “It’s a great way

OPINION | Everyone should partake in Black History Month

A fairly common misconception about Black History Month is that it’s only a time for African-Americans. This is false. It’s a time for every American, no matter their race, to reflect on our nation’s past and learn about its history. February is Black History Month, and Butler  University is hosting a string of events called