Being as that I am so far away from Butler’s campus this semester, The Butler Collegian and Connection are the only two ways that I receive any news whatsoever regarding the happenings within the university.

It is my great displeasure to share with you that I extremely disagree with the way you went about handling your Student Government Association presidential endorsements.

The editor in chief clearly made her point clear that she would be voting for Kelsa Reynolds, completely undermining her entire paper’s endorsement of Mike Keller.

Now I know that not everyone is going to agree on a single person on which to cast their vote, but when showing support as an entity, it almost looks as an abuse of power for the editor to write a contradictory article right below the staff’s endorsement.

It’s not fair for any of the candidates, especially the aforementioned two, to show such division, such lack-luster support, within your own organization.  It’s about being professional.  This really came as a shock to me, as I’m usually a huge supporter of everything The Collegian does.

Once again, it’s one of my only means of attaining relevant Butler information.

It also hit pretty close to home with me when the latter article in the paper brought gender into the mix.

Maybe it’s just because I’m male and I don’t understand, but if this particular topic hasn’t surfaced in the past, why is the editor in chief bringing it up in her article to the masses?

It’s unbelievable that such a stab be taken towards the male candidates.  It’s not their fault that no female SGA president has been elected in quite some time.

How about basing your decisions on platforms? On values? On priorities?  You know, things that will matter once the “chosen one” takes office.  I just couldn’t believe my eyes when I read such things.

So please, I beg of you, continue reporting without such contradictory messages to your readers.  There are more of us than you think, and not all of us are still at Butler to see these issues resolved.

I apologize for writing such a letter, but I felt these topics needed to be brought to light.                    

—Kyle Stuard, Butler student


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