Carroll wagers on Bulldogs

There is a lot riding on next week’s non-conference men’s basketball game between Butler and Purdue.

For Butler Student Government Association President Al Carroll and Purdue Student Government Association President Brett Highley, the game’s result will determine which one of them has to don the opposing team’s gear.

The individual who comes out on the losing end of the wager will be forced to wear a T-shirt, temporary tattoo and face paint in support of the other team at his next SGA meeting.

“When we saw they were meeting up at the Crossroads Classic, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity for something like this,” Carroll said.

Of course, neither Carroll nor Highley expects to be the loser of the bet.

“Al and I both agree that he looks incredibly stylish in gold and black, so this wager was really a no-brainer,” Highley said.

Carroll said that he is “pretty confident in our Dawgs.”

“I know the basketball team wouldn’t put me through [wearing Purdue gear],” Carroll said.

Such a wager was a first for both Carroll and Highley, although both said they would be open to similar proposals with other schools in the future.

Highley summed up both men’s thoughts on the bet in one sentence.

“The tattoo may be temporary, but I assure you the thrill of victory shall long endure,” Highley said.


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