Student hip-hop group to host dance-off

The Urban Arts Crew, Butler University’s new student hip-hop organization, is co-sponsoring a large break dancing competition on campus this week.

The competition, called “Release the Dawgs,” will be held in the Reilly Room on Friday, Nov. 11 at 9 p.m.  Doors open at 8 p.m.
Steven Han, the sophomore pharmacy major who is leading the fledgling Urban Arts Crew, said that there will be teams and competitors from Butler University, University of Illinois, Indiana University and Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis.

“Students can expect a heated competition between crews,” Han said. “Most of all, students can expect to have a completely new experience.”

Han said he is passionate about bringing validity to hip-hop culture in the minds of the students, faculty and community members at Butler.

“I think that it’s important that people are introduced to this culture so they can be aware of it and understand it better, just like with any other culture,” Han said.

Han is not alone in wanting to bring an urban dance club to a college campus.

Hip-hop groups are taking the nation’s campuses by storm.

Princeton University’s student-founded Sympoh Urban Arts Crew began in 1999 and has grown ever since.

Iowa State University’s hip-hop dance club, Dub H, began in 2001 and is now the largest student-run organization on ISU’s campus, according to the university’s website.

“I’m not trying to…start some kind of hip-hop revolution,” Han said.  “I’m just bringing my own background and experiences to the table for anybody who is interested but doesn’t know where or how to start.”

Han said that he hopes events like “Release the Dawgs” will help open students’ minds to hip-hop culture.

“As long as people are aware that this isn’t a joke, then I’ve done my job,” he said. “With anything new, there’s a danger of misunderstanding, and with misunderstanding comes prejudice.  I’m in the business of creating community, and everyone is invited to join.”

More information on “Release the Dawgs” can be found on the event’s Facebook page, “Release the Dawgs 2 v 2 Bboy Battle.”

The event is free for Butler students and $5 for other college students who wish to participate or watch.

Who:  Anyone with a college ID can participate or come watch

What: 2 on 2 break dancing competition

When: Friday, Nov. 11 at 9 p.m.

Where: Reilly Room

Sponsored by SGA’s Late Nite Program Board and the Urban Arts Crew


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