After the Buzzer: Women’s soccer vs. IUPUI

The Bulldogs are looking to keep this winning spark alive against Baylor on Sunday, Sept. 3. Multimedia Editor Eva Hallman reports on Butler’s shutout against IUPUI and an impressive hat trick.


Welcome to the Butler Collegian’s After The Buzzer, where we recap the game that just happened in Butler Athletics. So today I am here at Butler women’s soccer vs IUPUI. And they just had an outstanding shutout three nil against the Jaguars. And they had an impressive dominance of the field. 

There probably was not a dry moment where the Bulldogs did not have possession of the ball. We had some key players in this match, but one in particular, we had Sophomore Midfielder Talia Sommer she had a hattrick this evening, one after another as she was constantly pushing for those goals and putting pressure on the Jaguar’s defense. Talia was named the preseason Big East team and that just shows her power and her strength for the Bulldogs but also of the team that worked consecutively and consistently throughout the entire match to make sure they held possession of the ball for almost the entire game. 

At this game. Particularly It was a fun match against the 317’s team. The Jaguars and Butler teamed up to host $3.17 cent tickets. The Dawg Pound gave out free Insomnia Cookies, which many students enjoyed, and fans just looked out for another game of Butler Athletics. Now let’s hear from one of the Co-Head coaches Rob Alman, and let’s also hear from that outstanding player Talia Sommer on their thoughts on the game. And how they like to prepare for their next match against Baylor. 

“We competed really well, especially early on, came out of the gates really fast, which was something that would prep for the last couple of days. So that was very pleasing.

And then our quality of possession and the goals we scored tonight were absolutely fantastic. A couple of brilliant bits of light from Talia. That was a really good build-up light. Same luck was involved in those goals as well. Very pleased with the overall performance. Baylor is very good, and very strong. So looking forward to that game. I think it’s really this week we’ll go back to this just to focus on us doing what we do, really prioritizing all values in the way that we want to play. So at this point of the season, it’s about us just continuing to push that and improve our level in those key pieces that are most important to us.” (ALMAN)

“Honestly, the biggest thing for me is like for the team, this year is about us together and winning everything for each other. I think it’s gonna be a very challenging match. Very challenging opponent and that’s always super exciting and fun to have. I think this was a great match to kind of lift our spirits up and get ready for Sunday.” (SOMMER)

Some things though, that the Bulldogs do need to work out as they did have about 12 fouls in the entire game while the Jaguars only had four. It did come close to a few times the Jaguars could have gotten on the scoreboard but the Bulldogs kept defending. The total shots for the game were Butler 22 and the Jaguars from IUPUI eight. So that again just shows that IUPUI’s defense was being pushed the entire time by the Bulldogs. 

The next game will be against Baylor on Sunday at 1:00 p.m. here at the Sellick Bowl so it’s something that you’re not going to want to miss out on as the Bulldogs try and continue to move upwards and bring that spark to the season as they are now two and three heading into September for the Butler Collegian and I am Multimedia Editor, Eva Hallman.



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