LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Pharmacy comic misrepresents reality and university

I find the cartoon portrayed in last week’s Collegian entitled “White Coat Culture” to be completely biased, inaccurate, and unsubstantiated.

No one can deny that the pharmacy job market is beginning to level out.  Older pharmacists have delayed retirement and some chain drugstores have cut back hours.  There are no longer large sign-on bonuses or a multitude of job offers for new graduates.

However, Butler pharmacy students have no issues obtaining jobs after graduation.

Here’s some math: More than 80 per cent of the 2010 graduating class had secured positions before April.

I think that sounds really good on paper.

Butler will need to face new challenges as new pharmacy schools open in order to keep its students in high demand.

This is why COPHS constantly evaluates its curriculum in order to produce highly qualified and respected graduates.

Also keep in mind, though, that the demand for pharmacists is ever-growing.

The U.S. population is steadily becoming older as the “baby boomer” generation begins to age, and thus requires more stringent medical evaluation.

Additionally, pharmacists hold many positions beyond the community practice setting (i.e., Walgreens).

They play an integral role in hospitals, long-term/extended-care facilities like nursing homes, clinics, and industry (like Eli Lilly).

So, if you actually do the math, Butler produces graduates that do have job security due to its highly respected program.

-Chad Lesczynski,
P4 pharmacy student


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