LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Comics go too far, don’t cover all sides

As I read The Butler Collegian in passing, I find it to be a solidly assembled work. I do have one growing concern that reared its ugly head, as of late.

I would like to bring attention to the cartoons that have been published in recent weeks in The Collegian.

I enjoy reading political cartoons because they are supposed to make the reader really question whatever the cartoon is focusing on. However, I feel that The Collegian’s cartoons are more negatively implicative and less playful and thoughtful.

This is not a shot at the artist, for I am aware that The Collegian commissions the artist to draw these cartoons.

I would like to speak up and say that I have heard negative response about these recent cartoons from students of all different walks of campus life, and I am speaking out as one of them. So far I have not fallen into a ‘category’ that one of the cartoons has called out, but I sympathize with those that feel negatively categorized.

In the cartoons, problems that occur at Butler are demonstrated in a very protagonist/antagonist way and are not allowed many redeeming qualities.

Sure we all have flaws, but the exploitation of one group’s flaws over another’s is not what I want my Butler Collegian to encourage.

It is not necessary to make political cartoons neutral. They are supposed to be intelligent and edgy.

But edgy doesn’t have to  mean public condemnation of a group stereotype.

-Abby Robison, junior


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