Clowes brings the beauty, the beastly and a Broadway tour

Photo by MCT

Once upon a time just happens to be next week at Clowes Memorial Hall.

Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” is taking the stage at Clowes from Oct. 11 to Oct. 16.

And don’t worry, the musical rings true to the ever-popular Disney movie.

“I think most of us remember the movie from our childhood, regardless of when we were born” said

Clowes Marketing Director, Joshua Lingenfelter. “Disney movies are timeless, and seeing the movie come to life on stage is such a unique experience, especially when it is right here on campus.”

This specific tour is extra special: real-life Disney princess Emily Behny, playing Belle, is from Silver Lake, Ind., and attended Ball State University. She was unavailable for an interview at press time.

For everyone who chose to do other things besides watch Disney movies when they were younger, here’s an update: “Beauty and the Beast” is the story of Belle, a young woman searching for more in her small town, and the Beast, a spoiled prince who was cursed by an enchantress to see if he could learn to love. Add in the Academy Award-winning score, music by Alan Menken and a magical love story, and you have “Beauty and the Beast.”

Lingenfelter said the musical doesn’t differ much from the movie, except for some additional songs, including a solo for the Beast.

While tickets are a bit pricey—ranging from $20 to $87—Lingenfelter said students should watch the Butler Connection for a chance of a student discount for the show. He said that so far tickets have been selling extremely well.

For students like Jillian Begos, a sophomore exploratory major, it’s probably because—in Begos’s words—this generation grew up with the movie.

“I really enjoyed it as a child,” she said. “I love the songs.”

Musical theater may not be for everyone, but Lingenfelter said he thinks that Broadway still has an important role in today’s society.

“Broadway still stands as a uniquely American tradition,” he said. “It generates nearly $10 billion of economic impact each year, and new audiences are drawn in to both classic shows and new works.

Musical theater producers are still making entertaining and thought-provoking works that all ages can enjoy.”

So go ahead and indulge in your Disney fantasies for one night. Just don’t sing along too loudly.


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